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Could Banning Loot Boxes Kill Entire Genres?

After a recent Polygon article highlighted the controversial downsides of loot boxes being made illegal, Scott, Jules and Josh offer their takes on where legality vs corporate whims might go.Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegami...

220 downloads Jun 03, 2019
Everything We Want To See At E3 2019

New Xboxes, The Avengers game, DOOM Eternal - Scott, Rich & Ewan pick 5 games and things they want to see for E3 2019.Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegamingFollow us on Twitter:@SlashLP89@pickupchangetoe@ewanruinsthin...

225 downloads May 31, 2019
Are We Doomed To A Future Without Video Game Consoles?

With the Playdate console being announced, Scott, Rach and Ash get all nostalgic about the true value of gaming hardware.Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegamingFollow us on Twitter:@SlashLP89@dontrachquit@ashmillman@WCult...

209 downloads May 29, 2019
Have Bethesda Had A Completely Disastrous Generation?

As both a developer and publisher, Bethesda haven't had the BEST time this generation. Scott, Ash and Rich go through the last 6 years, all the news stories and all the games...Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegamingFoll...

229 downloads May 24, 2019
God Of War 2: Everything We Know & Want To See

You love God of War, we love God of War, let's talk God of War. Scott, Josh and Ash outline lore, predictions, fan theories and gameplay ideas going into the sequel.Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegamingFollow us on Twi...

252 downloads May 22, 2019
Every Major Video Game Coming In Summer 2019

From CTR to Ultimate Alliance 3 and Borderlands 3, Scott, Ewan and Benjamin highlight all the biggest games you'll be playing between June and September.Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegamingFollow us on Twitter:@Slash...

320 downloads May 20, 2019
First-Person Shooters Are Better Than Ever Right Now

As one of gaming's most popular and skilful genres, Scott, Rich and Josh champion all-things FPS, alongside predicting where we go from here.Check out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegamingFollow us on Twitter:@SlashLP89@pickup...

245 downloads May 17, 2019
Gaming's Messy History With Body Positivity

It's no secret that gaming's history with the female form is full of... issues, but what about the history of male depictions too? In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, Scott, Ash and Rach pick apart how our bodies are represented in games,...

200 downloads May 15, 2019
Gaming's Mental Health Revolution

In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, Scott, Josh and Jules highlight a variety of games' approach to mental health and mental wellbeing. #WCGP #MentalHealthAwarenessWeekCheck out our Youtube channel: youtube.com/whatculturegaming...

238 downloads May 13, 2019
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