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Optus Cyberattack is the Government’s Fault

Who would have guessed laws required companies to request and store millions of customers’ personal data would inspire cyberattacks?

2,425 views Disinterested Sep 25, 2022

US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade

The question of whether abortion should be legal has been returned to the 50 states.

3,945 views Daniel Jun 26, 2022

LIV Golf keeps winning

Four-time major winner Brooks Koepka has also left the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf.

3,419 views sportislife15 Jun 26, 2022

Australia’s energy crisis: brought to you by the greens in both major parties

The subsidisation of unreliable “renewable” power is why wholesale electricity prices are sky-rocketing.

3,555 views Disinterested Jun 19, 2022

Saudi Arabian-backed LIV Golf Finally Tees Off

LIV Golf is off to a good start, whatever the PGA Tour and its mouthpieces in the media would have you believe.

3,577 views sportislife15 Jun 11, 2022

Where to now for the Liberal Party?

All governments eventually lose power, but the Liberal Party shoulders much of the blame for this loss.

2,907 views Daniel May 29, 2022

Tennis authorities strip Wimbledon of ranking points

Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belorussian players has been condemned by the tennis authorities.

1,084 views sportislife15 May 20, 2022

Why does NATO still exist?

The Soviet Union, the reason NATO was created, died 31 years ago.

877 views Disinterested May 04, 2022

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter

The anti-free speech mainstream media is appalled that someone who believes in free speech might buy Twitter.

764 views Daniel Apr 19, 2022

High oil prices are Joe Biden’s fault

Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policies are responsible for sky-high energy prices, not Putin.

1,099 views Disinterested Apr 09, 2022

Disney wants to sexualize your kids

The House of Mouse is run by radical leftists – and they want to sexualize your kids.

1,006 views Daniel Mar 30, 2022

South Australian election shows everything that is wrong with the Liberal Party

Premier Steven Marshall fell to a deserving loss, and Liberals everywhere should take note.

919 views Disinterested Mar 24, 2022

Thank you for breaking the drought, Michael Mann

The infamous advocate of the climate change hoax has brought untold joy to Australians by breaking our drought.

958 views Disinterested Mar 17, 2022

Why does everyone have to show their support for Ukraine?

The modern epidemic of virtue signalling is really something to behold.

1,169 views Daniel Mar 11, 2022

Farewell Share Warne

The greatest leg spinner – and one of the greatest cricketers ever – has passed away far too soon.

983 views sportislife15 Mar 05, 2022

Let’s keep politics out of sport

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to calls for action against Russian sporting teams and players.

959 views sportislife15 Feb 27, 2022

What interests does the West have in the Ukraine?

Why are we in the West concerned about what happens in Russia’s sphere of influence?

956 views Daniel Feb 22, 2022

The Los Angeles Rams gamble bigtime and win

The Rams gambled it all to “win now” – and they did.

861 views sportislife15 Feb 15, 2022

Large SMSF balances under attack

Those with large SMSF balances face paying higher taxes.

1,189 views Disinterested Feb 13, 2022

Truckers in Canada reveal the hypocrisy of politicians and corporate leaders everywhere

Whatever your views on them, Canada’s truckers have done the world a great service.

974 views Daniel Feb 11, 2022

Things look dire for Scott Morrison and the Coalition

Can ScoMo achieve a repeat of his miracle 2019 election victory?

878 views Disinterested Feb 09, 2022

The treatment of Justin Langer has been a disgrace

Cricket Australia and the Australian cricket team should hang their heads in shame.

852 views sportislife15 Feb 06, 2022

Facebook is suffering from Apple’s privacy changes

Shares of Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: FB), Facebook’s parent company, plunged 27% after its recent earnings update.

1,097 views Daniel Feb 04, 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs throw away a Super Bowl appearance

A poor play call by Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid at the end of the first half proved the difference.

797 views sportislife15 Feb 02, 2022

MLK would be appalled by the latest Supreme Court debacle

Biden and the Democrats now believe in judging people by the colour of their skin rather than the content of their character.

879 views Daniel Jan 30, 2022

Joe Rogan continues to ruffle the establishment’s feathers

The famous podcast host, now exclusively on Spotify, keeps refusing to bow down to the establishment and instead continues to commit the “crime” of thinking for himself.

858 views Disinterested Jan 28, 2022

The Divisional round shows why the NFL is still America’s most popular sport

In a weekend of great games, the Titans and Packers, top seeds in each conference, crashed out.

895 views sportislife15 Jan 25, 2022

Is Western Australia going to stay isolated forever?

Premier Mark McGowan keeps refusing to bow to reality.

749 views Disinterested Jan 23, 2022

Joe Biden’s miserable first year

Biden and the Democrats are paying the price for his being elected by the media.

1,032 views Daniel Jan 21, 2022

The Dallas Cowboys choke again

The vaunted Cowboys offence disappeared right when it mattered.

712 views sportislife15 Jan 18, 2022

Empire actor Jussie Smollett found guilty

Smollett faked a hate crime, and his acting wasn’t good enough to convince a jury otherwise.

751 views Daniel Dec 10, 2021

The hits keep on coming for Magellan and Hamish Douglass

On top of recent underperformance, the abrupt departure of CEO Brett Cairns is further fraying investors’ nerves.

922 views Stonks Guy Dec 08, 2021

BHP confirms the unification of its dual listing structure

CEO Mike Henry is creating a simpler, more focussed BHP.

933 views Stonks Guy Dec 03, 2021

Can the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl?

After a quarter of a century, is this the year the Cowboys finally win it all again?

910 views sportislife15 Dec 01, 2021

Woodside pulls the trigger on Scarborough and Pluto Train 2

As well as agreeing to merge with BHP’s oil and gas assets, Woodside has approved its proposed Scarborough and Pluto Train 2 developments.

985 views Stonks Guy Nov 23, 2021

Who cares about Tim Paine’s sexting?

Why isn’t this just a private matter between him and his wife?

1,365 views sportislife15 Nov 21, 2021

Crown Resorts receives another offer

The casino group remains an attractive target, and Blackstone has lobbed an increased bid.

1,000 views Stonks Guy Nov 19, 2021

Greg Norman tries to revive the Asian Golf Tour

The Aussie great is partnering with Saudi Arabia to try to improve the Asian golf scene.

879 views sportislife15 Nov 11, 2021

Sydney Airport accepts a takeover bid

Australia’s busiest airport is going private, if the ACCC approves the transaction.

1,047 views Stonks Guy Nov 09, 2021

The truth starts to come out regarding the Trump Russian collusion scam

The allegation that Trump was somehow compromised by Russia was always absurd, and now the truth is finally coming out.

828 views Disinterested Nov 07, 2021

Biden suffers a major setback

Consistent with Biden's low approval ratings, voters backed Republicans across the country on 2 November.

897 views Daniel Nov 04, 2021

The big banks cost problem

Cost savings from closing branches and reducing headcount are being more than offset by higher regulatory and tech costs.

812 views Stonks Guy Nov 02, 2021

Why is requiring voters show ID “racist”?

Treating people the same way regardless of skin colour is the exact opposite of racism.

741 views Disinterested Oct 29, 2021

Crown Resorts keeps its Melbourne licence

Despite all the frantic media coverage, in the end sanity prevailed.

831 views Stonks Guy Oct 26, 2021

Retail A-REITs start to recover from the pandemic

Hit by both the pandemic and the rise of online shopping, the big listed shopping centre landlords are due to benefit from reopening.

696 views Stonks Guy Oct 19, 2021

The problem with corporatising government agencies

Privatisation has been an unequivocal success, but corporatisation of public agencies less so.

538 views Disinterested Oct 15, 2021

Star Entertainment gets the Crown treatment

After pursuing an anti-Packer crusade against Crown (ASX: CWN), The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Nine are now targeting Star Entertainment (ASX: SGR).

734 views Stonks Guy Oct 12, 2021

Google and YouTube would have censored Galileo

The decision by Google and YouTube to censor those who oppose the theory of man-made global warming is anti-science.

616 views Daniel Oct 10, 2021

The fake Facebook whistleblower

This is clearly a co-ordinated hit job on Facebook and other social media to further Democrat attempts to censor their opponents.

632 views Daniel Oct 08, 2021

APRA tries to limit house prices

The banking regulator is taking the first steps to cool Australia’s booming housing market.

622 views Stonks Guy Oct 06, 2021

Trump tries to get back on Twitter

After the social media companies worked together to kick Trump off their platforms, the former President is fighting back.

428 views Daniel Oct 03, 2021

Gladys Berejiklian forced to resign

Why do unelected bureaucrats and lawyers think they have a right to choose our Premier?

513 views Disinterested Oct 01, 2021

The fight for PM Capital’s listed Asian fund heats up

PM Capital has made an offer for its listed PM Asian Opportunities Fund (ASX: PAF) – but Wilson Asset Management has entered the fray.

665 views Stonks Guy Sep 28, 2021

Have Magellan and Hamish Douglass lost their marbles?

Shares in fund manager Magellan Funds Management (ASX: MFG) are underperforming along with the funds the firm manages.

825 views Stonks Guy Sep 26, 2021

Will travel bounce back?

After the devastation caused by foreign and domestic border closures over the past 18 months, will the travel industry bounce back?

657 views Daniel Sep 24, 2021

Happy days are here again

After a long shutdown featuring tyrannical government and police brutality, NSW is due to open in October.

468 views Disinterested Sep 21, 2021

Former Attorney-General Christian Porter continues to be targeted by his enemies

The treatment of Christian Porter by the media and allies of his alleged “victim” is a disgrace.

464 views Disinterested Sep 19, 2021

The ESG scam

ESG should stand for “Energy Stops Growing” – and it is creating another energy crisis.

1,548 views Daniel Sep 17, 2021

Event Hospitality & Entertainment prepares for reopening

Event Hospitality & Entertainment (AXX: EVT), the owner of hotels, cinemas, the Thredbo ski resort and $2 billion in commercial real estate, is in a good position to benefit from Australia’s reopening.

429 views Stonks Guy Sep 15, 2021

Gladys Berejiklian deserves an Order of Australia medal

The NSW Premier is the best leader in Australia – and it’s no contest.

511 views Disinterested Sep 12, 2021

Apple loses in court

The company’s “walled garden” is under attack.

682 views Daniel Sep 10, 2021

The IVF market is booming

Lockdowns and travel restrictions have increased the demand for IVF services.

1,086 views Stonks Guy Sep 08, 2021

Politicians, not judges, should decide whether coal mines are built

An activist justice on the Federal Court seems to think they he, rather than our elected representatives, has the right to approve – or disapprove – new coal mines.

604 views Disinterested Sep 05, 2021

Crown Resorts updates investors

As expected, the casino operator reported a disappointing 2021 result, and updated investors on potential changes once it learns its fate.

542 views Stonks Guy Sep 02, 2021

Booktopia goes from strength to strength

Australia’s version of the original Amazon – an online bookseller – continues to grow profits.

799 views Stonks Guy Aug 31, 2021

Biden needs to hit back hard

The barbarism at Kabul Airport needs to be punished.

490 views Daniel Aug 28, 2021

Endeavour Group brews a decent result

Drinks and hotels company Endeavour (ASX: EDV) has reported its first result since splitting from Woolworths earlier this year.

723 views Stonks Guy Aug 26, 2021

Biden continues to show incompetence on Afghanistan

Whatever the deal with the Taliban, allied forces need to stay long enough to get our citizens and those who helped us to safety.

3,041 views Daniel Aug 23, 2021

Apple intends to scan your photos for illegal images of minors

The company appears well-intentioned but this move raises serious questions too.

964 views Disinterested Aug 21, 2021

BHP’s stunner of a result

The Big Australian also announced an entry into potash and a merger with Woodside.

685 views Stonks Guy Aug 18, 2021

The fall of Kabul shows the incompetence of the American elites

Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, proving our elites are incompetent fools.

606 views Daniel Aug 16, 2021

There is no alternative to learning to live with the virus

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian realises that the COVID genie can’t be put back in the bottle.

701 views Disinterested Aug 15, 2021

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers’ sorry saga comes to an end

After struggling for years to build a wharf that would benefit all of Kangaroo Island, selfish NIMBY locals have won.

1,122 views Stonks Guy Aug 11, 2021

Pining for a modern-day Alistair Cooke

A modern version of Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America radio broadcast is sorely needed today.

507 views Disinterested Aug 08, 2021

What right does YouTube have to censor anyone?

YouTube’s disgraceful action in banning Sky News Australia for alleged “misinformation” raises serious questions.

1,044 views Daniel Aug 06, 2021

Pinnacle Investment Management’s stellar result

Financial firm Pinnacle (ASX: PNI) is going from strength to strength.

1,298 views Stonks Guy Aug 05, 2021

Australia decides on a pandemic exit strategy

It’s not perfect but it’s the only way out of this debacle.

994 views Disinterested Aug 01, 2021

The January 6 commission is a farce

Do Pelosi and the Democrats really think we don’t realise what’s going on?

997 views Daniel Jul 30, 2021

Rio Tinto’s dividend bonanza

The iron ore boom is proving very lucrative for Rio Tinto’s (ASX: RIO) shareholders.

900 views Stonks Guy Jul 29, 2021

Anti-lockdowns protests show Australia’s COVID-19 response has been a disaster

Given the incompetence at all levels of government, why are people so surprised as these protests?

553 views Disinterested Jul 25, 2021

Crown Resorts: The prosecution rests at the Victorian Royal Commission

Counsel Assisting the Commission has made its closing submissions.

560 views Stonks Guy Jul 22, 2021

The best way to respond to “bad” ideas, whether on vaccines or anything else

Rather than ridiculing or censoring people with “bad” ideas, it’s better to try to persuade them to change their minds.

604 views Daniel Jul 20, 2021

The Australian media plunge to new depths

The worst thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is the Australian media.

756 views Disinterested Jul 18, 2021

Crown is in good hands

CEO Steve McCann is the perfect choice to run Crown, as he showed at the Victorian Royal Commission.

669 views Stonks Guy Jul 14, 2021

With Sydney’s latest COVID-19 outbreak getting worse, what is Australia’s exit plan?

Ongoing lockdowns across Australia show the COVID-19 eradication strategy has failed. Australia needs an alternative.

572 views Disinterested Jul 12, 2021

The real reason Twitter, Facebook and YouTube banned Trump

It’s not for the reasons you think.

945 views Daniel Jul 08, 2021

Who’s to blame for Australia’s slow vaccine rollout?

Australia’s vaccine rollout has been universally panned – but who is really to blame?

869 views Disinterested Jul 05, 2021

PEXA lists on the ASX

This digital property settlements firm is a very good business but is being priced as one too.

883 views Stonks Guy Jul 03, 2021

It keeps getting worse for Crown Resorts

The various enquiries into Crown Resorts and its casinos in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth keep finding behaviour that is unacceptable.

1,002 views Stonks Guy Jul 02, 2021

Trump Organization charges prove you can indict a ham sandwich

A biased Manhattan DA appears to have won the first round – but at the expense of the rule of law and due process.

822 views Daniel Jul 02, 2021