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The FTX Heist has rocked the crypto space and Human Events Daily is here to break down exactly what happened!Jack Posobiec is joined by Editor in Chief of the Post Millennial Libby Emmons to discuss Samuel Bankman Friedman and how he and his girlfriend stole billions of dollars from users on the crypto exchange he […]

19 downloads Nov 16, 2022
EPISODE 316: Klaus Schwab Declares global MULTICRISIS at G20 and Calls for 'world restructuring', w/Savanah Hernandez

On this very special edition of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by Savanah Hernandez to break down the latest developments of The Great Reset. From Klaus Schwab’s cryptic messaging to world leaders at G20 to the ramifications of the depopulation crisis, Poso and Hernandez pull zero punches and cut through all the static. […]

31 downloads Nov 15, 2022
EPISODE 315: FTX – Ukraine Scandal: Everything Is Rigged, with Alex Stein 99

In this can’t miss episode of Human Events Daily, Primetime 99 Alex Stein himself joins Jack Posobiec to discuss how the entire crypto currency market is rigged on the heels of the bombshell scandal that has rocked the world. Did Sam Bankman Fried really launder a fortune of crypto through Ukraine?  Also, we get Stein […]

37 downloads Nov 14, 2022
Sunday Special: It’s Never Too Late To Start A Family

On this must see Sunday Special edition of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec goes one-on-one with Tyler Bowyer and they dissect exactly how the citizens of the United States are changing the way they live, changing the way they vote and ultimately changing the way they think. Jack and Tyler provide crucial insight as to […]

40 downloads Nov 13, 2022
EPISODE 313: Veteran’s Day Response to The Biden Regime

On Today’s Veteran’s Day Edition of Human Events Daily Jack Posobiec is joined by former Army Staff Sergeant and TPUSA Faith Contributor Graham Allen! They dive deep into President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan being struck down by a Texas judge as unconstitutional and the ramifications of the ruling. Poso and Allen also break down […]

107 downloads Nov 11, 2022
Why Do Unmarried Millennial Women Embrace Big Government?

Joined by Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons from The Post Millenial, Jack Posobiec highlights new data from exit polls that shows nearly 70% of unmarried women have started leaning left. New leaks from the Department of Homeland Security which show they strategically censored speech under the threat of misinformation. Plus, Elon’s blue checkmark for all has finally […]

24 downloads Nov 10, 2022
EPISODE 311: Exclusive Human Events Daily Strategy Session w/ Tyler Bowyer

Joined by Tyler Bowyer, Jack Posobiec predicts what is on the horizon and which investigations will take priority should conservatives flip the House. Bowyer analyzes the change taking place among Millennial voters’ perspectives comparative to Baby Boomers and Gen Z. How are the elections changing, and what might be coming next? Find out all this […]

23 downloads Nov 09, 2022
EPISODE 310: The Live Free Tour – Poso and Michael Knowles at University of Delaware

On the TPUSA Live Free Tour, Jack Posobiec visited the University of Delaware. Joined by Michael Knowles, they put forth a critical question: what does true freedom actually look like? Is it the shuffling of fentanyl zombies in Phili and the deaths of despair from suicide and rampant homicide? Poso analyzes the ideological divide in […]

37 downloads Nov 08, 2022
EPISODE 309: Elon vs Bluecheck Twitter

In today’s episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by Libby Emmons! Today’s stories: yet another whistleblower has come out implicating President Biden in yet another one of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings when he was Vice President, and yet again the media is ignoring the information. Liberals across the world are seething […]

30 downloads Nov 07, 2022
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