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EPISODE 280: Elon Musk Twitter Deal, the CHOP Gender Unit, and Child Sacrifice in Ancient America

Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter on the original terms, and it appears the deal is set to go through; Poso analyzes the potential reasons Musk decided to settle. The co-founder of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia gender clinic said they use homeless youth shelters to gather young transwomen subjects for their research experiments. With […]

10 downloads Oct 05, 2022
EPISODE 279: Globalists Want to Own You

Drew Hernandez is back, guest hosting while Jack is on assignment. Populist, freedom-loving Brazilian President Bolsonaro crushed the polls, moving onto the second round of the presidential race, after he refused to give into the World Economic Forum agenda. Google, on the other hand, partnered with the World Economic Forum and their god-complex in order […]

1 download Oct 04, 2022
Sunday Special: The Holy Land

In this must see Sunday Special, Jack Posobiec is joined by his brother Kevin Posobiec to discuss their experiences after spending a week in the Holy Land, Israel. From the Dead Sea to the Golan Heights, the Poso Brothers traveled far and wide. Jack and Kevin engage in an educational conversation about archeology, the preservation […]

8 downloads Oct 02, 2022
EPISODE 277: Murder in the Heartland, Nuclear Threats, & Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse

After Jack Posobiec held North Dakota prosecutor Kara Brinster accountable last week, Brinster has finally filed murder charges against Shannon Brandt – the man who ran over the conservative teenager. In a scathing speech against the ‘satanic’ west, Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine; meanwhile, Zelensky applied to join NATO and requested the […]

2 downloads Oct 01, 2022
EPISODE 276: Has America Broken Into Two Societies?

WARNING: According to President Joe Biden, Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy could threaten American democracy; however, Jack quickly proves Biden to be much more tyrannical and anti-democratic than Meloni. Posobiec analyzes the two reactions in America to Lizzo playing James Madison’s 200-year-old flute while twerking in a skimpy outfit on stage. The Sussex Police Department […]

12 downloads Sep 30, 2022
EPISODE 275: American Carnage as Biden White House Looks Abroad

Philadelphia is on fire, and not in a good way; Poso breaks down how the birthplace of America’s liberty has been turned into a giant cesspool. Major companies are pulling Twitter ads after discovering their ads appeared next to posts peddling child pornography, the stats Ghostdata uncovered are shocking. An Arizona woman made $7.2 million […]

3 downloads Sep 29, 2022
EPISODE 274: Europe on the Brink as Russian Pipeline Destroyed in Explosive Attack

Swedish seismologists gathered data on two ‘deliberate’ explosive attacks on the Russian Nordstream gas pipelines, causing them to leak and disrupt the critical supply of gas to the European continent going into this winter. Shannon Brandt, the man who ran over and killed a teen boy over a political dispute, is out on low bond, […]

72 downloads Sep 28, 2022
EPISODE 273: Biden FBI Raids Pro-Life Activist in Rural Pennsylvania

MASSIVE MONDAY UPDATES! A Santa Fe District Attorney said Alec Baldwin is likely to face charges as a special prosecutor has been appointed. Conservative populist Giorgia Meloni is set to be Italy’s first female Prime Minister; Poso analyzes how Meloni was able to win the people over by exposing the WEF agenda to be anti-family […]

30 downloads Sep 27, 2022
Human Events Sunday Special: Senator Rand Paul

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Jack Posobiec is joined by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to discuss the senator’s recent debate with Doctor Fauci. Rand Paul and Jack Posobiec talk about the need for a special council of scientists and experts with medical credentials to examine the decisions of government health officials. Rand Paul breaks down why gain of […]

35 downloads Sep 25, 2022
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