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Kismet – former soldier Mark Woodland built healthtech startup Kismet to help NDIS participants & reduce overcharging. And why raising funds is a yucky startup job!

Serially successful entrepreneur Mark Woodland, co-created and built the Kismet platform to provide digital tools to help NDIS participants easily link up with approved providers, hopefully reducing fraud and overcharging & improving compliance along the way. Kismet only began life as a business in August 2022, after Mark had kept the idea in his bottom […]

48 downloads Sep 17, 2023
Chemist Warehouse – co-founder Jack Gance’s next venture, Optometrist Warehouse, coming to a suburb near you; and how to scale-up using debt then getting rid of it. 2/2.

What’s next in Jack Gance’s Chemist Warehouse journey, is Optometrist Warehouse, yes indeed, his latest venture to disrupt the Optometry landscape is coming to a suburb near you. And could an IPO still be on the table? Plus, he explains how hocking everything in the early days was crucial to build up his retail and […]

31 downloads Sep 03, 2023
Chemist Warehouse – Jack Gance revolutionises retailing in Australia, upending the traditional Pharmacy model. And why he can’t stop!

An immigrant child of Polish Jewish parents, Jack Gance ended up disrupting several entire industries with HIS model of shopkeeping. The pharmacist turned into an entrepreneur by chance really. After university he and his brother started with just 1 pharmacy in the early 1970’s, which they slowly built on. Along the journey, Jack Gance totally […]

94 downloads Aug 20, 2023
LoungeBuddy – Zac Altman says “overnight success” is really a myth; most startups need years of work & deserve many product iterations to get right. 2/2

When you sell your small successful travel startup to one of the world’s biggest companies, isn’t that when the champagne pops and you sit back to revel in your success? Well no, according to serial entrepreneur Zac Altman, that’s when you effectively take on 2 full-time jobs. Navigating the transition presents a whole new set […]

148 downloads Jul 16, 2023
LoungeBuddy – teen Zac Altman co-founds an App that disrupts the global airport lounge bookings space. 1/2

Sydney-sider Zac Altman’s first legit startup was a taxi booking app called Taxi Pro that Zac developed and built in his final year of high school. Before Uber had hit the ground running in Australia. Greater success was to come with his 2nd venture. Still in his teens Zac moved to San Francisco and created […]

107 downloads Jul 03, 2023
SYPAQ – Why George Vicino says family is fundamental to his entrepreneurial journey. 2/2

George Vicino learnt from boyhood the value of family and a strong work ethic. In Part 2, George reveals how these drivers have been key in his entrepreneurial journey with SYPAQ, and why they underpin his ambition to be a world-leading engineering systems integrator. How his love of science and physics helped he and his […]

186 downloads May 28, 2023
SYPAQ Group– George Vicino makes clever cardboard drones, a secret weapon helping Ukraine fight the Russian invasion. 1/2

Systems engineer George Vicino started a small advanced engineering consultancy some 30 years ago, with experience and training from his years in the Australian Air Force under his belt. But he always had big ideas for his little company, SYPAQ. Not only has SYPAQ grown to help major Federal Government departments and large corporates integrate […]

174 downloads May 14, 2023
Perx Health – Hugo Rourke reveals behavioural science is their medical compliance App’s “secret sauce”. 2/2.

Perx Health co-founder and CEO Hugo Rourke reveals the “secret sauce” that drives the success of the Perx smartphone App, to help patients better manage treatment plans for their chronic health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Also, right now, trying to crack into and expand in the biggest health market in the world, the […]

190 downloads Apr 23, 2023
Perx Health – Hugo Rourke revolutionises chronic illness treatment compliance by offering rewards via an app. 1/2

While working as a management consultant at McKinsey’s, advising large retailers and others on loyalty programs and customer engagement, Hugo Rourke had the bright idea that if he could use the same tricks and tactics to help those with serious, chronic health conditions who had a greater need to engage and comply with treatments, it […]

216 downloads Apr 02, 2023
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