The truth starts to come out regarding the Trump Russian collusion scam

The allegation that Trump was somehow compromised by Russia was always absurd, and now the truth is finally coming out.

For five years the likes of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and other mouthpieces of the American establishment have hyped the so-called Steele dossier, which purported to “prove” that former President Donald Trump was essentially a Russian agent.

First revealed by Hillary Clinton, Trump’s enemies in the establishment on both sides of politics spread these allegations far and wide.

While this didn’t stop Trump being elected President, to say it interfered with Trump’s ability to govern would be an understatement.

A scam from the beginning

Trump knew it was a scam from the beginning, just like he knew that former FBI Director James Comey was trying to set him up when the latter arranged a meeting with the President just after he entered office.

Unfortunately Trump made the mistake of not firing Comey in his first day on the job, presumably because he believed the allegations in the Steele dossier were so absurd that Comey would publicly dismiss them. Unbeknown to Trump then, of course, was that Comey and the FBI had been spying on his campaign for months.

When Comey refused to refute the allegations in the dossier, Trump lost patience and fired Comey.

This was a big mistake, as Trump’s enemies were able to control the narrative and portray the decision as an attempt by Trump to stop the truth from coming out rather than the exact opposite.

This led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, with his investigation controlled by Trump’s enemies in the Department of Justice. Even then, the Mueller investigation found nothing, much to the disappointment of the New York Times et al, and had to resort to corruptly trying to suggest that Trump’s exercise of his explicitly enumerated powers in the United States Constitution somehow constituted “obstruction of justice”.

Trump himself emerged relatively unscathed but it allowed these corrupt prosecutors to target Trump’s allies in an attempt to isolate him. People ranging from former Trump adviser Carter Page, to Roger Stone, to Paul Manafort to George Papadopolous were targeted and pressured to turn on Trump, when they would never have otherwise been investigated.

Even former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was caught up in all this. Unfortunately for Cohen, he had been avoiding taxes that in no way could be connected to Trump and so the above-mentioned corrupt prosecutors offered him a reduced sentence for these crimes in return for pleading guilty to bogus campaign finance charges that were another attempt to get Trump.

Truth comes out

Finally though we are seeing the truth come to light as the Durham investigation starts getting some scalps. As a reminder, Trump appointed Durham to get to the bottom of the FBI’s shenanigans with regards the Russian collusion hoax (as Trump might describe it).

Recently the FBI indicted Igor Danchenko who is the primary “source” for the Steele dossier. He was indicted for lying to the FBI because his comments as the source were, to be direct, outright lies.

This follows on the heels of the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying about the capacity in which he was presenting allegations about Trump to the FBI. When doing so, he didn’t reveal that he was working on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Earlier, an FBI lawyer was convicted of altering an email to support the application by the FBI to the secret FISA court for approval to spy on Trump adviser Carter Page.

An obvious scam

To me the whole Russian collusion scam – to again use Trump’s accurate description of events – was always a hit job on Trump by his enemies in both parties and in the media. This was obvious from day one but it just goes to show that many people will believe anything, no matter how ridiculous and absurd, if it supports their pre-conceived notions about their enemies and paints their enemies in a bad light.

Frankly, the people who believed this scam need to take a good, hard, long look at themselves.

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