The fall of Kabul shows the incompetence of the American elites

Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, proving our elites are incompetent fools.

In the end, it happened far too quickly.

Overnight Afghanistan President Ghani agreed to resign and hand over power to the Taliban.

Those who supported the Afghan government will supposedly be allowed to go about their business without repercussions but the United States and President Joe Biden have been humiliated in front of the world.

Meanwhile, the US and other foreign governments are desperately attempting to evacuate their citizens and Afghanis who assisted them during the two-decade war in Afghanistan.

Biden’s Saigon moment

Just last month Biden defended his decision to retreat from Afghanistan, saying:

“There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy…of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable.”

Well, as the image above shows, that wasn’t quite the case.

And as they are gleefully showing on social media, for some reason the Taliban have been able to commandeer American Humvees, Blackhawk helicopters, drones and perhaps even a jet!

This doesn’t suggest an organised retreat by Biden.

Instead, this is Biden’s Saigon moment.

The United States’ multitude of intelligence agencies and highly paid analysts also seem to have been surprised by how quickly Kabul fell.

No doubt the backside covering will commence shortly – probably led by blaming it all on Trump – but in reality this proves that the American elites of both parties are incompetent fools.

For two decades we have been told by establishment Republicans and Democrats alike that the Afghans would become just like us, believing in liberal democracy and equal rights for women, gays and lesbians and other minorities.

Untold amounts of blood and treasure were sacrificed to ensure this occurred, yet in the blink of an eye all that has been proven a waste.

And once again the American elites have been proven not only to be liars but incompetent fools to boot.

All you have to do is to is look at the dismal first seven months of Biden’s Presidency – including an overrun southern border, the loss of oil independence due to his radical environmentalism, and the fall of Kabul – to see that the American elites are anything but elite.

Corrupt media

This is also an indictment on the corrupt mainstream media.

For four years we heard how President Trump refused to listen to his advisors, both civilian and military, while also not trusting his intelligence services.

And for four years we heard how Trump violated “norms”, presumably because he refused to do what his enemies in the US government and media wanted.

For similar reasons, the corrupt mainstream media also didn’t allow a proper debate over foreign policy during last year’s Presidential Election, preferring to run cover for “Sleepy” Joe Biden (whatever you might think of Trump, he sure is good with accurate nicknames!).

And frankly, why would they allow a debate where there chosen candidate would lose in a landslide? Trump had already proven them wrong by pacifying North Korea, trying to finally bring China to heal and his many other foreign policy achievements.

So instead of allowing a proper debate over whether America really should revert to the same foreign policy that had proven such a disaster over the two decades preceding Trump, the media just concentrated on trying to get Biden elected so that these “norms” could be reinstated.

And reinstated they have been.

America is once again a laughingstock on the world stage, complete with a carbon copy of the fall of Saigon decades ago to mark the occasion.

The American elites may be incompetent fools but they sure are consistent!

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