High oil prices are Joe Biden’s fault

Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policies are responsible for sky-high energy prices, not Putin.

It seems there is nothing Russian President Vladimir Putin can’t do!

After supposedly persuading Donald Trump to be a Russian spy (!) and then tilting the 2016 Presidential Election in favour of Trump, Putin has now turned his attention to causing inflation around the world. Specifically, he is responsible for sky-high oil prices, with West Texas Intermediate and Brent crude now both trading in excess of US $100 per barrel.

At least, this is what the Democrats, Joe Biden and the corrupt mainstream media including the New York Times and The Washington Post would have you believe.

Total BS

Of course, all of this is total rubbish.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election fair and square (if not, then one wonders why Putin didn’t ensure his “spy” Trump won the 2020 election too?), Trump isn’t a Russian spy, and Putin has very little impact on oil prices.

If anything, Putin is in favour of lower oil prices. Or, more accurately, Putin would prefer to sell Russian oil and gas to all comers including the US rather than having his customers limited by US and other western country sanctions.

The ability of the Democrats and the corrupt mainstream media to hold two separate but contradictory beliefs at any one time beggars belief!

On the one hand, they support sanctions on Russian oil and gas which reduce oil supply and thereby push up prices. Yet they then turn on a dime and blame Putin for the higher oil prices their very actions caused!

Let’s not mention Biden and the Democrats other anti-oil policies, including cancelling the permit for the Keystone Pipeline on Biden’s first day in office. This pipeline would have increased the supply of Canadian crude oil to the US which, all things being equal, would have lowered oil prices.

Biden has also suspended the issuance of new leases to drill for oil on Federal lands, while rejoining the Paris Accord. This accord is the very epitome of the global left’s anti-fossil-fuel jihad, dressed up as an attempt to stop man-made “global warming” (or “climate change”, as we’re now supposed to call it).

Naturally, Joe Biden has accused the oil companies of profiteering from the high prices that his very policies have caused!

And his supporters wonder why many people call him Sleepy Joe!

Drill, baby, drill!

As former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin once said, the solution to high oil prices is to “drill, baby, drill!”. In other words, the solution is to increase oil supply, and the only way to do that is to encourage oil companies to undertake more exploration, drill more wells and increase production.

In other words, the exact opposite of the policies Biden and the Democrats have been pursuing.

Unfortunately for Sleepy Joe, ordinary people aren’t stupid. As shown by his abysmal poll numbers, the majority of them blame Biden and the Democrats rather than Putin for the pain at the pump.

And it looks like they will take out their anger on the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections in November.

Regrettably, the poor and middle class are likely to be suffering from higher gasoline (or petrol) prices for some time. This is because it takes many years to undertake the necessary exploration, successfully strike oil and then get it out of the ground.

The least Biden and the Democrats could do is get out of the damn way and let the oil companies drill, baby, drill!

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