Disney wants to sexualize your kids

The House of Mouse is run by radical leftists – and they want to sexualize your kids.

I don’t know about you but I had no idea about my school teachers’ private lives.

In addition, I learnt about sex in high school when I was 13, not when I was nine years old and in the third grade.

That this is the way it should be is obvious to anyone who is a normal person.

Not normal

Unfortunately, the modern radical left is anything but normal. They think they have the right to have sexually-explicit conversations with young children and brainwash them in “gender identity” and LBTQIABCDEF propaganda.

That kids in the third grade or below are far too young to be able to think about these concepts in a thoughtful way is precisely the point.

It’s all about brainwashing them to think that biological sex isn’t a fact, despite 99.7% of us not being gender dysphoric. And that we can somehow “choose” our gender instead of it being determined at birth by genetics.

These are the same evil people who are quite happy to convince a 13-year old kid to “transition” when this kid is way too young to understand the implications of switching sexes.

I don’t care what your sexuality is nor what you do in the privacy of your own home as long as it is with consenting adults.

However, if you have to be 18 to vote or sign a legal contract, then in my view you should be required to be 18 before you can choose to “transition”.

So if you believe you need to transition from being a man to a woman or vice versa, as long as you are 18 you are old enough to make that decision and good luck to you.

However, I draw the line at the efforts directed at minors by “teachers” as noted above.

Young kids should be allowed to have fun and not take life too seriously, rather than becoming pawns in the radical left’s endless war on human civilization.

Common sense

So it has been refreshing to see Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fight back against this radical left gender ideology.

DeSantis has signed a bill that bans school instruction on “sexual orientation or gender identity” up until grade three, as well as banning conversations about these concepts for older kids if it’s “in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate”.

Seems common sense, right?

Not to the radical left lunatics who run Disney, who oppose the bill along with their comrades in the media and elsewhere.

To his credit, DeSantis isn’t backing down, threatening to go after Disney for daring to be a bunch of radical left lunatics.

Stand your ground

How refreshing to see a Republican politician standing his ground and fighting back against a corporation!

For some reason too many on the right have come to associate free enterprise with doing the bidding of big business. They are wrong. Free enterprise is about supporting capitalism, fewer regulations and lower taxes, all of which benefit small business most of all.

Free enterprise is not about doing the bidding of rich, well-connected mega corporations that are run by the right’s enemies and which have the money to endlessly bribe lobby politicians.

It is time more politicians on the right understood this.

You are actually supporting free enterprise, not opposing it, if you fight back against the perverts running Disney or the woke leftists running the major social media companies.

DeSantis’s actions are also a lesson in how to win these types of fights.

The only way this barbarity is stopped is to coolly and calmly oppose it, not unilaterally surrender because you are worried about being called “transphobic” (or “racist”, “homophobic”, etc).

The reason the left constantly uses accusations of transphobia et al against you is to silence you.

Understand this, ignore them and fight back.

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