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Understanding the Facts in Ahmaud Arbery; 30 Minutes Discussing Ghislaine Maxwell

This was a fun impromptu live stream. With Ron Coleman, Nate Broady, Eric Hunley, Joe Nierman and Robert Gruler. All worth a follow. Discussing Ahmaud Arbery fact and making sense of the situation. Also a brief discussion on the upcoming Ghislaine Maxwel...

295 downloads Nov 29, 2021
Sidebar with Blake Masters – Viva & Barnes LIVE!

This was an amazing interview. Blake Master - Chief Operating Office of Theil Capital is now running for Senate in Arizona. Talking life, politics, and where America is heading. And the dire need for political change. Enjoy!

405 downloads Nov 27, 2021
Ep. 88: Rittenhouse Acquittal; Dominick Black; Ahmaud Arbery; Alec Baldwin; Vax Mandates & MORE!

Breaking down Rittenhouse acquittal. Dominick Black gun charges. Ahmaud Arbery. Alec Baldwin lawsuit. Vaccine mandate lawsuits. AND MORE!

344 downloads Nov 22, 2021
Discussing Rittenhouse Acquittal with Nate The Lawyer

Nate the Lawyer is another YouTube lawyer. He's got a great channel. Cop turned Lawyer turned YouTuber. Here we discuss the Rittenhouse acquittal. It was awesome. 

420 downloads Nov 21, 2021
Rittenhouse Day 2 Deliberations – Motion for Mistrial with Prejudice – Viva & Barnes LIVE

Breaking down day 2 of the Rittenhouse jury deliberations. Explaining the Motion for Mistrial With Prejudice versus Without Prejudice. Is the Defense blowing it?

339 downloads Nov 18, 2021
Rittenhouse Closing Arguments BREAKDOWN – Viva & Barnes LIVE

Breaking down the closing arguments in the Rittenhouse trial. 

472 downloads Nov 18, 2021
Sidebar with Five Times August, Brad Skistimas – Viva & Barnes LIVE!

Musician and political songwriter Brad Skistimas, also known as Five Times August. It was a great discussion. Enjoy!

389 downloads Nov 18, 2021
Ep. 87: Rittenhouse (majority of Podcast); Arbery; James O‘keefe; Steve Bannon; Alec Baldwin & MORE! Viva & Barnes

Rittenhouse recap and highlights. Some discussion about Ahmaud Arbery. James O'keefe targeted by DOJ. Steve Bannon targeted by DOJ. Alec Baldwin latest. 

529 downloads Nov 15, 2021
Sidebar with Behavioural Engineer, Greg Hartley- Viva & Barnes LIVE!

Greg Hartley has 20 years experience in the military. 20 years experience in private enterprise. He has written 10 books on behaviour and body language expression. Amazing discussion and insightful for anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator...

339 downloads Nov 05, 2021
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