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Interview with Talkshow Host Garland Nixon – From Childhood to Law Enforcement to Fox News! Viva Frei

A Great interview with a phenomenal person. From a childhood of abject poverty to 2 decades in law enforcement to Fox News. Garland Nixon.

20 downloads Mar 16, 2023
Interview with Former Assistant Attorney General, Jeff Clark – Government Corruption AND MORE! Viva Frei

Jeff Clark was Trump's Assistant Attorney General. Was raided by FBI for advising Trump on the 2020 election. We talk corruption, malicious prosecution and political persecution. Enjoy!

17 downloads Mar 16, 2023
Interview with Hotep Jesus – from Scott Adams to ”Racial Deprogramming” – Viva Frei

A phenomenal interview with Hotep Jesus. From childhood, to race relations in the United States. 

41 downloads Mar 14, 2023
Interview with ”Anti-masker”, ”Conspiracy Theorist” – and Toronto Mayoral Candidate Chris Sky! Viva Frei Live

This was a great discussion. Chris Sky. Staunch opponent of government covid response measured. Called a conspiracy theorist - among other names. Full interview. 

56 downloads Mar 09, 2023
Ep. 151: Murdaugh CONVICTED; Brook Jackson Pfizer Whistleblower! Flynn Sues Govern,ment AND MORE!

Murdaugh CONVICTED Brook Jackson and the Pfizer whitleblower claim. SCOTUS on abandoned property, student loan Michael Flynn sues government Onstar sued for kidnap victim's death AND MOUCH MORE!

121 downloads Mar 06, 2023
Justin Trudeau is Selling Canada to the Chinese Communist Party! Interview with Richard Syrett

A great interview with an icon of Canadian radio, Richard Syrett. Talking about Justin Trudeau selling Canada to the Chinese Communist Party. 

26 downloads Mar 04, 2023
LIVE from Rumble’s Longboat Studio – The Fall of Canada – Viva Frei Rants

The Commission exonerates Trudeau. A Viva Frei rant. 

51 downloads Mar 02, 2023
Live with Phil Demers, the ”Walrus Whisperer” – from Marineland Lawsuit to Animal Captivity

Phil Demers, the Walrus Whisperer, talks about his lawfare battle with Marineland, and animal captivity in aquariums at large. His latest target: Miami Seaquarium. 

63 downloads Mar 02, 2023
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