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Is The FBI Spying On Trump Again? (Ep. 2229)

We've seen this before. In this episode, I discuss evidence that the FBI might be spying on Donald Trump again.

6 downloads Apr 15, 2024
The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 04/14/24 – Jim Jordan, Kirk Cameron, Carol Roth and an epic Dan rant

Great Interviews from the radio show from the past couple of weeks PLUS an epic rant from Dan

70 downloads Apr 14, 2024
The Bongino Brief – Crayon Eating Inflation

In this brief, Dan covers inflation, the 2024 Election and border concerns. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

6 downloads Apr 13, 2024
An Election Nightmare Scenario (Ep 2228)

This election cycle is getting more complex by the day. In this episode, I cover the issues that are influencing the 2024 Election.

18 downloads Apr 12, 2024
They Know Something Is About To Go Down. Or Do They? (Ep 2227)

Be careful. In this episode, I cover the ongoing unrest worldwide and the exploding inflation bubble.

9 downloads Apr 11, 2024
The Left Is Panicking Over Trump 2.0 (Ep. 2226)

Even with a barrage of legal attacks against Donald Trump, his campaign is strong and the left knows it. In this episode, I cover the many reasons why the left fears a Trump Presidency.

149 downloads Apr 10, 2024
He Did It Again (Ep 2225)

This President has overstepped his constitutional boundaries. In this episode, I cover how Joe Biden is looking more like a dictator, rather than a president.

152 downloads Apr 09, 2024
The Real Trump Story From This Weekend (Ep. 2224)

The liberal media just cooked up a new hoax. In this episode, I cover the real Trump story from this weekend.

111 downloads Apr 08, 2024
The Bongino Brief – The "Obamaha" Problem

How likely is a 269-269 electoral vote split? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

77 downloads Apr 06, 2024
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