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Democrat Congressman shoots his mouth off

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7 downloads Apr 01, 2023
The Redline Was Crossed, Now What? (Ep 1981)

In this episode, I address the stunning indictment of Donald Trump by tyrant DA Alvin Bragg, and the likely outcome and repercussions.  News Picks: The witch hunt against Trump hits a new low. There was an insurrection in Tennessee yesterday, and the media did their best to cover it up.  Here’s yet another reason to […]

6 downloads Mar 31, 2023
Democrats Go Full Lunatic To Take Your Guns (Ep 1980)

In this episode, I address the insane meltdown by this radical leftist in an effort to confiscate your firearms.  News Picks: Trump sings “The Walls Are Closing In.” House Democrat screams and rages on Capitol Hill, then bullies the one guy who stops to chat with him. James O’Keefe uncovers a massive Democrat money scheme. […]

2 downloads Mar 30, 2023
Are Liberals Preparing For A Civil War Here? (Ep 1979)

The evidence is everywhere. In this episode, I address the elephant in the room. Liberals are promoting civil disturbances around the world and we’re next.  News Picks: Police release footage of the officer heroes who stopped the Nashville attacker. What’s going on in Israel is going to come here. Pay close attention. Four trans mass […]

10 downloads Mar 29, 2023
Be Prepared To Stare Evil In Its Face (Ep 1978)

It’s now clear, we’re dealing with pure evil, not politics. In this episode, I address the horror in Nashville and the disturbing response. I also address the government’s new plan to steal your Rights.  News Picks: The liberal insurrection in Israel continues. The Nashville school attacker had a manifesto and a map. The details emerge […]

10 downloads Mar 28, 2023
Communist Dems Go To Bat For TikTok  (Ep 1977)

Chaos is erupting here in our banking system, and around the world, as liberals move quickly to install their “new socialism.” In this episode, I address the growing crisis.  News Picks: AOC walks right into another major scandal. Biden doubles down on destructive and dangerous digital currencies. Deposits shrink significantly in smaller banks after the […]

3 downloads Mar 27, 2023
The Trump Persecution – Nothing to Bragg About

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12 downloads Mar 25, 2023
They’re Coming For Your Guns And Here’s How They’ll Do It (Ep 1976)

They’re coming for your guns. And they’re not hiding how they plan on doing it. In this episode, I address the shocking video evidence of their plan.  News Picks: The drug shortages are getting worse. Biden’s economy is a total disaster.  NHL teams are opting out of “pride night” due to backlash from fans. Credit […]

10 downloads Mar 24, 2023
Libs Lose It As The Trump Persecution Case Collapses (Ep 1975)

Chaos ensues among deranged liberals as the case against Trump implodes. In this episode, I address the explosive new details.  News Picks: Did the Manhattan DA violate the law and withhold evidence in the Trump case? Did the White House inappropriately pressure the Manhattan DA to charge Trump? Liberal groups may have broken anti-trust laws […]

24 downloads Mar 23, 2023
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