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Donald Trump's Year of Lawfare

How long will Donald Trump’s trials last? Will we be able to watch any of them? And just how clear is it that the system is being rigged for political ends? Trump legal team member Will Scharf joins to lay it all out now that the era of indictments has moved into the era of […]

4 downloads Apr 15, 2024
The Show Trial of President Trump

The moment the left has been waiting for nearly a decade has arrived: President Donald Trump is on trial in New York, on novel charges no defendant has ever faced before. As Charlie explains, the left thinks they are discrediting Trump — but in reality, the only thing being discredited is the criminal justice system […]

13 downloads Apr 15, 2024
Ask Charlie Anything 184: The Pro-Life Cause in Danger? What's Wrong With Noticing? The Most Overused Word in Politics?

Charlie answers questions from Charlie Kirk Exclusive members, including:   -Is the American pro-life movement in peril? -Is “noticing” racist? -What’s the most overused word in American politics?   Become a member to join our next one at! Support the show: See for privacy information.

6 downloads Apr 15, 2024
A Parent's Guide For Escaping the Trans Delusion

The transgender issue is roiling every state and school district in America, but it’s also a battle for every parent with children in America. At Dream City Church in Arizona, Charlie talks to Dr. Miriam Grossman about the battle plan each parent should follow to guard their own home from the 21st century’s greatest societal […]

14 downloads Apr 14, 2024
THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 39 — Tucker vs. Israel? Abortion and 2024? Who Broke Marriage?

In this week’s ThoughtCrime, Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Andrew Kolvet, and Blake Neff answer many crucial questions, including:   -Who bears more blame for the declining state of marriage, men or women? -Is Tucker Carlson’s critique of Israel’s treatment of Christians fair? -Is abortion the albatross that will destroy the GOP in 2024? And if […]

11 downloads Apr 13, 2024
Joe Biden's GOTV Machine: Funded by YOU

Democrats are poised to have the most formidable get-out-the-vote engine in American history — and it’s all funded by you. Ben Weingarten joins to describe the process by which Joe Biden is converting the federal government into a great machine for registering Democrat voters. Plus, Rep. Warren Davidson discusses FISA renewal and whether the time […]

19 downloads Apr 12, 2024
Speaker Johnson’s FISA Failure

The war over FISA is headed for a predictably disappointing climax. Charlie lays out the Friday battle lines and asks why, after decades of discrediting domestic surveillance and lies, D.C. Republicans continue to give intelligence parasites the benefit of the doubt. Become a member at! Support the show: See for privacy information.

13 downloads Apr 12, 2024
How Can Gen Z Recover From a Post-Covid World? My Speech at the University of Kansas

Enjoy Charlie’s speech from the University of Kansas, where he discusses the difficulties facing Gen Z since Covid stole so much from them and the most important fights to engage in on college campuses. Charlie answers questions about abortion, Israel, Biden’s potential replacements, and more. Support the show: See for privacy information.

15 downloads Apr 12, 2024
What's the FISA Holdup?

For the past eight years, conservatives have seen one example after another about why the FBI, NSA, and CIA can’t be trusted. So why aren’t conservatives united on rolling back FISA and curbing their power to spy on Americans? Rep. Jim Jordan joins to help unpack a confusing and frustrating fight in Congress. Plus, Mike […]

12 downloads Apr 11, 2024
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