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How to Change Your Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen

On this special Sunday episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie is joined by Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Change Your Brain Everyday. He walks listeners through the active steps to take, actions to avoid, and things to prioritize in order to take charge of your mental health and truly change your brain. Support the […]

3 downloads Mar 19, 2023
The Speech UC-Davis Tried To Stop

The Speech UC-Davis Tried To Stop   Charlie’s appearance at UC-Davis made headlines around the world and got the attention of Elon Musk, thanks to a tidal wave of lies from trans activists, the Sacramento Bee, and the school’s own administrators. But there wasn’t just a riot in Davis that night. There was a speech, […]

7 downloads Mar 18, 2023
Wargaming the Trump Indictments with Citizen Kane and Libby Emmons

Kane of Citizen Free Press joins Charlie to answer crucial questions, like “How much will Trump indictments affect the 2024 race?,” “What stories are flying under the radar among conservatives?,” and most important, “How far will Northwestern go in the NCAA tournament?” Then, Libby Emmons of The Post Millennial digs into the background of the […]

6 downloads Mar 18, 2023
Doctors Who Think They Are Gods

Doctors are necessary and, for the most part, doctors are good. But too many doctors see themselves as a modern-day priesthood, or even as modern-day gods. Charlie lays out the threat of woke fanaticism taking over the medical profession, where it came from, and its implications for transgenderism, abortion, Covid, and a lot more. Plus, […]

12 downloads Mar 17, 2023
Noble Gold and Ignoble Banks with Collin Plume

Silicon Valley Bank is dead. Credit Suisse is on the brink. More banks may soon follow. With the global financial system heaving, where can the worried middle class turn? Noble Gold Investments CEO Collin Plume joins Charlie to explain the enduring historical appeal of gold silver, and their still-strong potential as investments during a time […]

15 downloads Mar 17, 2023
Why On Earth is Beau Biden's Widow Getting China Money? With Peter Schweizer and Rep. Andy Biggs

It’s bad enough knowing that Hunter Biden received millions of unearned dollars from Ukraine and the CCP. Now, thanks to work by the House GOP, it turns out that Hunter’s ex-girlfriend — and his brother’s former wife — has CCP ties as well. Peter Schweizer joins Charlie to explain this latest twist in the labyrinthine […]

11 downloads Mar 16, 2023
Drones in Ukraine… And in Congress?

One year into the Ukraine War, America has suffered its first “casualty” after Russia took down an unmanned U.S. drone. In response, GOP senators are recklessly promoting World War 3 and bashing anyone in the base who disagrees. Charlie puts the warmongers on blast, exposes the latest woke initiatives at the DoD, and asks whether […]

18 downloads Mar 16, 2023
The Theft of Childhood with Karol Markowicz and Jobob

The left controls universities, sports leagues, bureaucracies, churches, and more, and right now, all of that power is concentrated on one purpose: Corrupting America’s children and getting them assimilated into a woke agenda. How do so many teachers sneak racism, gender ideology, and even porn into schools, right under parents’ notices? Charlie talks it over […]

16 downloads Mar 16, 2023
The Most Important Court Case of 2023 with James Lawrence and Scott Presler

Douglas Mackey is facing up to a decade in prison for posting memes during the 2016 election. Now, his case is going to trial, and the details have become even more disturbing. Attorney James Lawrence joins Charlie to talk about how the SPLC is threatening one of Mackey’s witnesses, and how the federal government is […]

28 downloads Mar 15, 2023
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