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Permanent Bans and Political Actors with Darren Beattie

“Trust.” “Safety.” These are the Orwellian words used as a cover for the most aggressive censorship tactics at Big Tech companies. Darren Beattie of Revolver News joins guest host Jack Posobiec to reveal the hidden truth of these sinister forces, and expose the surprising link between censorship at Apple and a top official of the […]

2 downloads Dec 02, 2022
The Department of Health and Human Trafficking with James O'Keefe and Vivek Ramaswamy

James O’Keefe joins Charlie with one of his most shocking scoops ever: Human traffickers using Social Security fraud to traffic in young children, yank them out of school, and put them into slavery. Meanwhile, DHS and HHS do nothing because they fear being sued by the cartels! Plus, Vivek Ramaswamy breaks down Sam Bankman-Fried’s incredible […]

6 downloads Dec 02, 2022
CHARLIE Vs. Univ of New Mexico… & Scott Wiener?

Charlie has had an interesting few days. He’s coming off a trip to the University of New Mexico, where a heavily-triggered ANTIFA mob engaged in wild clashes with riot police. Charlie unpacks the eventful night and discusses some of the key moments from their irrational meltdown. Then, he discusses another very triggered individual, California State […]

11 downloads Dec 01, 2022
An Epidemic of Sudden Deaths with Edward Dowd

Three years into Covid, death rates are elevated in America and around the globe. Is this really still the coronavirus? Or are people dropping dead from the health effects of the vaccines? Charlie sits down for a long conversation with Ed Dowd, a Wall Street veteran who has applied his analytical talents to finding patterns […]

11 downloads Dec 01, 2022
Rail Strikes and Biden's Economic Midterm Mirage with Steve Cortes and Julie Kelly

Until Tuesday, no one in American history had ever been convicted of seditious conspiracy. Now, two January 6 defendants have been convicted of it, without attacking anyone or even taking up arms. Julie Kelly joins to break down one of the worst legal atrocities of our time. Plus, Joe Biden used short-term political tricks to […]

12 downloads Dec 01, 2022
Apple Conspires with China and Maricopa's Sordid Election Past with John Solomon

If you haven’t heard the insane ways Apple is trying to control its users, you’re about to be shocked. Apple is now involved in the CCP’s tyranny by disabling AirDrop, one of the key tools used by the Chinese freedom protestors, as Tim Cook threatens to remove Twitter from the App Store as Elon expands […]

4 downloads Nov 30, 2022
Soccer and Sex Perverts with Andrew Kolvet

A “nonbinary” Biden Admin official famous for teaching kink workshops and joining a sacrilegious drag queen group turns out to also be an alleged luggage thief accused of stealing a woman’s clothes. Who could have predicted such a thing? Producer Andrew helps guide Charlie through one of the funniest stories of the year while both […]

13 downloads Nov 30, 2022
Power from the Barrel of a Gun with Bill Gertz and Gordon Chang

Mao Zedong said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, so it’s no surprise that as China gains economic power it seeks military supremacy as well. Bill Gertz joins to describe China’s growing imperialism, as well as its push to match America’s deployed nuclear arsenal over the next decade. Plus, Gordon […]

21 downloads Nov 30, 2022
The Fate of Arizona with Kari Lake and Mike Lee

County officials in Arizona are certifying their results…but only after saying they must to avoid being sent to prison? Kari Lake joins to lay out the current situation in Arizona and why it matters so much for the entire country. Plus, Senator Mike Lee of Utah exposes the grave danger of the “Respect for Marriage […]

22 downloads Nov 29, 2022
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