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Real Freedom is Financial Independence

Robert Kiyosaki and his special guest, Patrick Bet-David, are going to reveal the number one skill that can change your life. Don’t miss this motivating and revealing discussion that is designed to help you…be a better investor…be a better entrepreneur…and develop new approaches and mindsets that will help launch you to achieve REAL FREEDOM. After […]

13 downloads Nov 30, 2022
Bear Market Rally

Inflation is high. Interest rates are going up. Layoffs are happening. The world is on the brink of war. Today’s guest explains how he believes we are headed for a depression, but if you use this one strategy, you may encounter the opportunity of a lifetime. Guest Bert Dohmen says, “If you want a road […]

36 downloads Nov 23, 2022
FTX Collapse Explained

As you may have heard, FTX, a popular cryptocurrency trading site that gained popularity after it featured A-list athletes like Steph Curry and Tom Brady in its commercials has collapsed. Today’s guest explains how the Enron-style scheme lost billions of dollars overnight.  Mark Moss, a nationally syndicated radio host on the iHeart network, a content […]

33 downloads Nov 21, 2022
The Fight Against the Education System

Robert Kiyosaki teaches that one of the biggest things parents desire for their children is a good education. For most parents, this means an education that helps their children get a good job, save money, buy a house, and invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Today’s guests discuss what is […]

46 downloads Nov 16, 2022
Learn To Do This To Survive The Next Depression

Robert Kiyosaki believes that the number one predictor of the success of an entrepreneur is his or her ability to sell. It’s not just the ability to sell a product, which is very important, but also about the ability to sell a vision, a team, yourself, and potential partners and deals. If you want to […]

70 downloads Nov 09, 2022
How to Secure Your Wealth During a Crisis

US government bonds are considered risk-free. The interest rate at which all other bonds can be sold is determined by this risk-free rate on US government bonds plus a risk premium, which depends on the creditworthiness of the debt issuers. Therefore, when the yield on the government bond rises, the interest rates on mortgages, corporate […]

79 downloads Nov 02, 2022
Could U.S. Pensions Be Next?

At the center of the disaster surrounding the U.K. pension plans in recent weeks were funds using derivatives to protect themselves from potential swings in interest rates. In an attempt to solve funding gaps in U.K. pension plans in the past, these plans used hedging tactics which created a short-term liquidity crunch and mark-to-market losses […]

54 downloads Oct 26, 2022
#1 Asset Everyone Can Afford

Today, silver is hovering around $19 per ounce. Silver—unlike real estate, can require a lot of money, some finance skills, lots of due diligence and property management skills to do it well— is affordable to the masses, and management skills are minimum. Just buy some silver, put it in a safety deposit box at a […]

49 downloads Oct 24, 2022
Today’s Most Lucrative Wealth Strategies: How to Profit from Real Estate, Stocks, & Green Investin

Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Marin Katusa, and Andy Tanner What is one strategy recommended for every investor? What could potentially be bigger than Bitcoin? For answers to these questions and more, don’t miss this insightful conversation about today’s most lucrative wealth strategies. Come ready to learn with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki along with their two […]

49 downloads Oct 19, 2022
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