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The Archive: You Bet!

In his 2020 memo You Bet!, Howard Marks explained what it means to “think in bets,” as he discussed the many parallels between investing and games of chance. Now you can listen to You Bet!, the first release from The Memo by Howard Marks: The Archive. We’ve received many requests for an audio library of the memos […]

87 downloads Mar 21, 2024
Behind the Memo: Easy Money with Howard Marks and Edward Chancellor

In this special episode of Behind the Memo, Howard Marks is joined by journalist and financial historian Edward Chancellor to discuss ideas from Howard’s recent memo, Easy Money, which was inspired by Edward’s book, The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest. They explore the history of interest rates, the profound impact they’ve had on […]

1,587 downloads Feb 08, 2024
Easy Money

In his latest memo, Howard Marks considers what financial history can teach us about periods of easy money, the impact they have on investor behavior, and what happens when they end. He analyzes macroeconomic trends using insights from Edward Chancellor’s latest book The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest to argue that we’re unlikely to soon […]

162 downloads Jan 09, 2024
The Insight: Conversations – Walking into the Unknown with Howard Marks, David Rosenberg, and Aman Kumar

What is a “normal” investment environment? What might a recession in 2024 mean for liquid credit? What’s happening in life sciences lending today? Find out by listening to the latest episode of The Insight: Conversations with Howard Marks (Co-Chairman), David Rosenberg (Co-Portfolio Manager, Global Credit), and Aman Kumar (Co-Portfolio Manager, Life Sciences Lending). They discuss topics from the […]

119 downloads Jan 04, 2024
The Insight: Conversations – Special Episode with Annie Duke and Howard Marks

Special guest Annie Duke (former professional poker player, best-selling author) joins Howard Marks to discuss ideas from her book Thinking in Bets and Howard’s memo You Bet!  They explore luck, decision quality, uncertainty, and more in this special episode of The Insight: Conversations.

186 downloads Dec 06, 2023
The Insight: Conversations – Full Return World with Howard Marks and Armen Panossian

Howard Marks (Co-Chairman) and Armen Panossian (Head of Performing Credit) discuss topics related to Howard’s latest memo, Further Thoughts on Sea Change, and Oaktree’s recently published Performing Credit Quarterly 3Q2023 in this crossover episode of The Insight: Conversations and Behind the Memo. They consider the implications of the potential sea change reshaping the investment environment, […]

221 downloads Nov 02, 2023
Further Thoughts on "Sea Change"

In his latest memo, Howard Marks provides a follow-up to Sea Change (, his thought-provoking memo published in December 2022. He argues that the trends he highlighted in the original memo collectively represent a sweeping alteration of the investment environment that calls for significant capital reallocation. Further Thoughts on Sea Change was originally sent exclusively to Oaktree clients on […]

286 downloads Oct 11, 2023
The Insight: Conversations – Credit Picker’s Market with Wayne Dahl, Robert O’Leary, and Mark Jacobs

How have credit investors been successfully navigating the volatile interest rate environment?  Which sectors currently look attractive to opportunistic credit investors?  What are some of the major misconceptions about today’s commercial real estate market?  In this episode of The Insight: Conversations, Wayne Dahl (Assistant Portfolio Manager, Global Credit), Robert O’Leary (Portfolio Manager, Global Opportunities), and […]

316 downloads Oct 05, 2023
Behind the Memo: Fewer Losers, or More Winners?

In the latest episode of Behind the Memo, Howard discusses his recent memo: Fewer Losers, or More Winners?  He details the inspiration for the memo and explains why investors – like tennis players – need to consider their skill level, aspirations, and risk tolerance when asking themselves a fundamental question: Should I go for more […]

307 downloads Sep 20, 2023
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