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Quarterly Update: Has the worst case scenario for stock markets been averted? (Q4 2023)

In this episode, Alison Savas is joined by Antipodes Chief Investment Officer, Jacob Mitchell.  They discuss key macro and market developments in the fourth quarter of 2023 along with how Antipodes is positioning for the year ahead. Jacob and Alison ...

75 downloads Feb 06, 2024
2024 sector-specific stock market ideas (and what to avoid)

In this final episode for 2023, Alison Savas is joined by all Antipodes' Sector Portfolio Managers. Each PM shares one stock (or area of their coverage) they believe will perform in the year ahead, and one stock or part of the market they believe inv...

161 downloads Dec 19, 2023
A turning point for Brazilian stocks?

The backdrop for investing in Brazil is changing - fundamentals are improving, inflation is falling, rates are falling and policy makers are embarking on fiscal repair. On top of this stock market valuations are attractive. So, in this episode, Aliso...

133 downloads Dec 07, 2023
Quarterly Update: How the world’s oil supply chain could be splintered (Q3 2023)

Along with a discussion about the state of the markets in Q3 2023 and Antipodes' current portfolio positioning, this episode covers the recent developments in the global oil market amid the escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas.  Alison Sav...

197 downloads Nov 07, 2023
Building a more energy efficient future (Interview with Saint-Gobain CEO Benoit Bazin)

In this episode Alison Savas speaks with Benoit Bazin, the CEO of French-listed building materials manufacturer Saint-Gobain (EPA: SGO)*.  Saint-Gobain (a holding in Antipodes' global portfolios) operates in 76 counties and is playing a major role in...

244 downloads Oct 11, 2023
3 stock ideas in one of the world’s most undervalued markets

At around 11x times forward earnings, UK equities are the cheapest they’ve been since the 2008 financial crisis (apart from COVID), and they are the cheapest in the developed world.  In this episode, Alison Savas and James Rodda discuss the UK macro ...

239 downloads Aug 30, 2023
Quarterly Update: A stock market with no margin for error (Q2 2023)

The recent stock market rally has become increasingly unbalanced.  The NASDAQ is up almost 40% this year and just 10% off its all-time highs. But it’s the seven largest US tech stocks which have contributed half of the performance in global equities ...

266 downloads Aug 02, 2023
Ian Harnett: Can the US sidestep recession? And the big risk no one is talking about

Ian Harnett is a co-founder and chief investment strategist of Absolute Strategy Research (ASR) one of only a handful of highly regarded independent global macro research firms.  In this conversation with Alison Savas, Ian discusses why he believes t...

277 downloads Jul 13, 2023
3 Chinese stocks to watch amid the rocky recovery

It was the reopening many investors thought could bring a spectacular stock market resurgence. But the interest in Chinese equities following the end of COVID lockdowns has faded. The domestic recovery has been slower than expected and exports contin...

300 downloads Jun 14, 2023
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