What interests does the West have in the Ukraine?

Why are we in the West concerned about what happens in Russia’s sphere of influence?

This may sound callous given the death and destruction occurring in the Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion but what interests of the West are threatened by this event?

At the time of writing, it appears that Putin has recognised two breakaway provinces of the Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk, and has ordered “peacekeepers” into the Donbas region to, well, keep the peace by threatening war.

This move marks an end to the 2015 Minsk Protocol negotiated between the Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany which aimed to put an end to fighting in the region.

While this is potentially dangerous and even life-threatening for the people of these regions, what Western interests are threatened by Putin’s actions?

Why should we in the West potentially expend blood and treasure, as seems to be the suggestion from US President Joe Biden and many of our European allies, defending a country that, to a great extent, is already pro-Russian?

The reality is this is the type of thing that occurs when you have a weak US President who isn’t respected by his allies, let alone our enemies. Say what you want about Trump but at least he kept the Pax Americana. Whether it was defeating ISIS, keeping North Korea in check, finally trying to get China in line or dealing with Putin, Trump knew how to use American power and prestige for the good of both the United States and the civilised world.

All hat, no cattle

Of course, that is a major reason why he was hated by the corrupt idiots who populate our “elites” on both sides of politics nowadays. They would prefer to talk tough without actually having the cojones to back up their threats with the perceived or actual use of force.

Despite their elite education, they don’t understand that the only thing the likes of Xi or Putin understand is power, specifically, whether they or their enemies have more power. As that great philosopher Osama Bin Laden once said:

“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse”.

Biden should be more concerned with reversing the catastrophic damage to American power and prestige that has occurred since Trump left office. Whether it is the Afghanistan debacle – Biden’s Saigon – his sheer inability to control the US border and stop immigrants, or rising energy prices due to his anti-fossil fuel policies, Biden has been a disaster.

Unfortunately for him (and us), it’s obvious that Biden isn’t compos mentis most of the day and, to quote his predecessor, doesn’t know where he is or what time of day it is. This is a big reason why he is now down in the polls and, combined with the Democrats literally trying to emulate the Soviet Union via their woke lunacy and socialism, is why they appear destined for a shellacking in the midterm elections in November.

Stop digging

As for their part, the Europeans should be more concerned about becoming less dependent on Russia for energy – such as through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline – rather than more. The best way to do that is to build new nuclear power plants and develop their oil and gas reserves or, at the very least, not follow Germany’s stupid example of shutting down existing nuclear power plants.

And the Europeans wonder why Putin, Xi et al don’t take them seriously!

Hopefully things calm down in the Ukraine, bloodshed is kept to a minimum and peace somehow prevails.

Regardless, though, while it is tragic for Ukrainians, it’s time Western leaders stopped intervening in countries in which no conceivable Western interests are threatened, and instead concentrated on getting their own houses in order.

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