Announcement: RQ Network Introducing Wave 3

Announcement: RQ Network Introducing Wave 3

Hi everyone, Alexander J Newall here just giving you an update on our latest wave of the RQ Network as eleven new shows have joined us this time with still more shows on the way in the future!


This particular cavalcade of creativity runs the whole gamut with Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Alternate Reality Game “ARG”, Comedy and even a cheeky documentary piece. There’s something for everyone in this third wave of shows and I get the delightful pleasure of introducing them to you!

Wave three features:


The Hyacinth Disaster



The Program,

What Happened In Skinner,

The Sleep/Wake Cycle,


and Tin Can Audio Presents, a new feed featuring work from Tin Can Audio including The Dungeon Economic Model, Love & Wards, Middle:Below and The Tower


You can listen to the shows, and find out more about all of them on our website!

Follow us for more updates and special announcements on:


TWITTER: @therustyquill

INSTAGRAM: @rustyquilluk



Get bonus content on Patreon: 


A transcript of this update is available here: The Magnus Archives (in Post Season/Series folders)


Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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