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Interview with Stephen Horn – Independent Journalist Jailed for Documenting Jan. 6! Viva Frei

Stephen Horn is an independent journalist who was documenting Jan. 6. He was arrested and faced 4 charges - and actually convicted! He awaits sentencing.    Future local media baron: Published@j6documentary Contact: s...

10 downloads Sep 22, 2023
Interview with Caryma Sa’d, Co-Author of ”Hate Gate” Exposé, and Jeremy Mackenzie – Founder of Diagolon!

#HateGate is trending in Canada. It's an exposé on Canada's government-funded disinformation laundering to libel and defame Canadian for purported "hate". Trudeau government relied on Canada's Anti-Hate Network intel to invoke the emergencies act. Ex...

17 downloads Sep 21, 2023
Ep. 178: Boobert-Gate; Russell Brand Scandal; Paxton Acquitted; Whitmer Kidnappers Acquitted; Okeefe Sues Hawaii AND MORE!

A particualrly huge week. Biden to SCOTUS on Missouri? Lauren Boebert and BoobertGate Russell Brand scandal Paxton acquitted on impeachment Whitmer accusers acquitted Okeefe suing Hawaii and more

27 downloads Sep 18, 2023
Interview with Dave Smith – from Comedy to Covid to Libertarianism! Viva & Barnes Live!

It was a good one. Comic Dave Smith talking life, Covid, and everything that is wrong with politics. 

32 downloads Sep 13, 2023
Jan. 6 WAS A SET-UP! Interview with Former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnsons! Viva Frei

It's an incredible story, and it confirms what many of us know already.   To support Tarik:

34 downloads Sep 13, 2023
Julie Kelly Explains the OUTRAGEOUS Jan. 6 Sentences; François Amalega Talks Canada Madness.

Julie Kelly is doing amazing work covering the Jan. 6 trials.  François Amalega is a madman. Jailed, fined nearly $100,000 for vilating Covid "mandates". If you don't know him, you will love him

37 downloads Sep 07, 2023
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