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Is This REALLY All Putin’s Fault, And Why Is Google Funding This Weird Indian Fact Check Team?

Raheem Kassam explains, as he has for almost a decade, about the actions and consequences in Ukraine. He also reveals a strange India-based fact checking service funded by Google. Read more and subscribe to the Substack here. to support ...

556 downloads Feb 22, 2022
Mike Pence’s REAL Reason for Trump-Bashing & Fauci’s Never-Ending Pandemic.

Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam discuss Mike Pence's hateful, anti-Trump remarks at the Federalist Society this week, as well as Fauci's latest ruse to keep pandemics happening.  Leave a rating and a review.  Fauci Demands Global Virus Harvesting Push...

463 downloads Feb 05, 2022
Beef-Squashin’, Chicken-Hunting, Tweet-Deleting, Texas-Talkin’ (w Gavin Wax)

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters discuss Chuck Schumer's homophobic staffer hypocrisy, the beef squashing between Trump and DeSantis, the lack of chicken basically anywhere, and Gavin Wax joins to discuss his analysis on the Texas Governor's race.  Foll...

406 downloads Jan 21, 2022
Is The Trump-DeSantis Beef Real? Here’s the Truth.

Raheem Kassam explains why Trump is mad at Ron DeSantis, and reads people into the latest on Boris Johnson and Britain's next Prime Minister. Sign up: Get on GETTR:  

508 downloads Jan 17, 2022
Joe Kent Demands CCP COVID Reparations, Blasts ‘National Security‘ Establishment

Washington's 3rd Congressional District candidate, the Trump-endorsed Joe Kent talks to Raheem Kassam about holding China financially accountable for COVID-19, as well as his time in the military, and dealing with the "national security" apparatus in Was...

429 downloads Dec 18, 2021
The Death of British Liberty and How It Happened (ft. Ben Harris-Quinney)

Raheem Kassam is joined by Bow Group Chairman Benjamin Harris-Quinney to discuss the breaking news out of London that Boris Johnson's government has introduced COVID vaccine passports. Please leave us a review and share this episode. Links:  Get on GETTR...

444 downloads Dec 14, 2021
Mark Milley Really Is A F*cking Idiot and Natalie Gets Another Scalp!

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters discuss her latest scalp, as well as Raheem's viral analysis on General Mark Milley.  Also covered: the excellent New York Young Republicans Gala, and the professors in Sweden being prosecuted for tying mass migration to...

496 downloads Dec 06, 2021
Getting Your Smell/Taste Back After COVID (The Kassam Protocol!)

Raheem Kassam explains how he kicked his olfactory center back into gear and restored his smell and taste after COVID-19 stopped him from enjoying foie gras and red wine. DISCLAIMER: Check with your physician and do not consider this medical advice. Supp...

412 downloads Nov 16, 2021
Knowing Bannon (One of His Longest-Serving Colleagues Explains)

Raheem Kassam talks 10 years of Bannon, and the political persecution he currently faces. Natalie Winters joins.  Support: 

411 downloads Nov 13, 2021
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