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How One Investigative Journalist Discovered the Shocking Truth About Red State DEI Policies

Do you know what’s taking place at the colleges the next generation will be going to? Wall Street Journal contributor John D. Sailer reveals the shocking reach of DEI in hiring practices at red-state universities, colleges, and beyond. Charlie and Sailer discuss the extent of the institutional rot he’a uncovered, and how we can fight […]

4 downloads Nov 28, 2023
Fire in Ireland + Victory in the Netherlands?

Over the weekend, Ireland broke out into civil unrest while Dutch Populists surged to a landslide anti-mass immigration victory. Eva Vlaadingerbroek joins the show to talk about everything happening in Europe, and Lara Logan stops by to discuss the J6 Tapes, and what we we’ve learned since their release. Support the show: See […]

3 downloads Nov 28, 2023
The Republican Party's BIG Problem Just Got Even Worse

The RNC just got some terrible news, and it’s even worse than the headlines suggest. Also GOP donors flock to a new anti-Trump superhero named Nimarata. Also, the Democrats are going ALL IN on one move, and they’re telling us exactly what it is. How should Republicans react? Support the show: See for […]

2 downloads Nov 27, 2023
Satan's "Trojan Horse" for the Christian Church

Churches are supposed to be founded on the Bible and the enduring, proven truths of Christianity. So why do so many of them get infiltrated by modern, secular doctrines and values? Pastors Caden Metcalf, Jon Benzinger, and Ryan Visconti, all of them leaders at thriving Bible-based churches, explain why church leaders must avoid the danger […]

9 downloads Nov 27, 2023
How to Kick Woke-ism Out of American Christianity — LIVE from Freedom Night

Charlie is joined by Lucas Miles to discuss his book ‘Woke Jesus’ and the Leftist ideas that are infiltrating the Christian church. They dive into how families should navigate the sad reality facing the church today, the true definition of woke-ism, and they take audience questions. Support the show: See for privacy information.

16 downloads Nov 26, 2023
THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 22 — Canceling Candace?, Air Force vs. Conservatives?

In this special Thanksgiving week edition of THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff, the group debates meaty questions like:   -Why are so many on the right fighting so hard to cancel Candace Owens? -Why is the U.S. military banning personnel from supporting Turning Point Action? Support the show: […]

9 downloads Nov 25, 2023
How To Be a Bold Man — LIVE from Generation Church

Enjoy Charlie’s speech from Generation Church’s Bold Men’s Night, where he outlines the role of men in modern America, what he wishes more parents knew, and the importance of Christian education, then takes questions from the audience. Support the show: See for privacy information.

11 downloads Nov 24, 2023
Winning the Pro-Life Debate with Gen Z

With 2024 looming, the race to win the votes of Gen Z is on — and one of the biggest issues is the intense divide between pro-life and pro-abortion. Charlie sits down with Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life for America, for an exclusive interview discussing where conservatives have gone wrong on the issue, […]

9 downloads Nov 24, 2023
REWIND: The Origins of Thanksgiving with Bill Federer

Most people know that the Pilgrims wanted to create an ideal Christian society in America. But did you know they also had an early (failed) experiment with Communist-style collective property ownership? Author and speaker Bill Federer with Turning Point Academy digs into the history and biblical roots of the first Thanksgiving. Support the show: […]

13 downloads Nov 23, 2023
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