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Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter… AGAIN with John Ratcliffe and Dr. Scott Jensen

With all the talk about nuclear war from Republicans, Charlie welcomes on Former Director of National Intelligence of the United States John Ratcliffe to discuss what the intelligence community likely knows about the Nord Stream sabotage. Fmr. DNI Ratcliffe also breaks down who could have done it, and who stands to benefit, including the US. […]

5 downloads Oct 04, 2022
Republicans Race Toward Nuclear War

With the Russian Ukrainian conflict escalating toward a possible nuclear conflict, Charlie offers a fiery proclamation to any Republicans not completely bought off by the military industrial complex as they aide and abet the war mongering leftwing regime that is hurtling America closer and closer to an all-out nuclear war with Russia. Why are they […]

1 download Oct 04, 2022
Grooming a Generation of Revolutionaries—WOKE Comes for Military Bases

Charlie welcomes Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams to expose a bombshell story revolving around the little focused upon military base schools, run exclusively by Congress, that are charged with educating students of service members based overseas. These are kids that have no other choices when it comes to education since they are studying abroad while […]

20 downloads Oct 04, 2022
Bill O’Reilly Unloads on Democrats Ahead of Midterms with Adam Laxalt

With just 36 days until midterms, Bill O’Reilly joins The Charlie Kirk Show to discuss his latest book, ‘Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity,’ as well as his predictions for the upcoming election, and it might surprise you. While hundreds of thousands of conservatives praying for an announcement from Former President Trump, Bill […]

9 downloads Oct 03, 2022
How Charlie Kirk Ended Up on the Government's “Enemy List”

Over the weekend, a bombshell story broke, and Charlie is heavily involved in it. John Solomon from Just The News discovered a list of government enemies including Charlie, President Trump, James O’Keefe, Sean Hannity, Jack Posobiec, and several other conservative creators, commentators, and politicians that were intentionally censored by the government during 2020–and it continues […]

8 downloads Oct 03, 2022
Ask Charlie Anything 122: Jew FREE Zones? White FREE Zones? Men Having Babies? The New Face of COVID Shots?

On this episode of Ask Charlie Anything, he’s back answering YOUR questions you email him at including: UC Berkeley’s new “Jew Free Zones” and “White free zones,” what is on Charlie’s latest reading list, Planned Parenthood’s newest business endeavor that’s targeting YOUR kids, and more.      Send in your questions TODAY to […]

12 downloads Oct 03, 2022
Is "North" Just an Opinion? LIVE from Classical Conversations with Q+A

Charlie speaks at the Classical Conversations national event at Arizona Community Church to a room full of home schooling parents, students, and their supporters. Charlie issues a full-throated defense of home schooling, explaining why an America that gets farther away from God is an America that gets farther away from its Founders, its true commission […]

9 downloads Oct 02, 2022
Should We Impeach Joe Biden? With Matt Gaetz

Charlie welcomes congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida’s 1st, who has been under fire for more than 18 months for what amounts to nothing more than slanderous lies. Congressman Gaetz joins the show for a victory lap and to proclaim his vindication after a process more akin to a Soviet show trail than the type of […]

3 downloads Oct 01, 2022
The Red Wave Rebound with Kari Lake and Tom Bevan

The midterm races are hotter than ever as we reach the under-40-day mark, and Charlie brings on friend of show and the Trump endorsed candidate who stands at the precipice of saving Arizona, Kari Lake. She debuts her BRAND NEW campaign video, which gives an emotional look into her life and her desire to represent […]

2 downloads Sep 30, 2022
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