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Announcement: 2023 Holiday News from Rusty Towers

This announcement from CEO Alexander J Newall includes RQ Network shows to check out, a review of RQ Originals, including the brand new Neon Inkwell and the now fully released Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later, as well as a summary of the exciting new merchandise partnerships from this year (in case you need some last […]

239 downloads Dec 14, 2023
Special Announcement: Magnus, Recent Network Shows and More

Statement from CEO, Alexander J Newall regarding new network additions, information on The Magnus Archives 2, the return of Rusty Fears, and more! Transcript: For more information on Rusty Fears visit: Music by TrackTribe – “BusyCity” Magnus Music by Sam Jones Edited by Alexander J Newall Hosted on Acast. See for more […]

1,054 downloads Oct 24, 2022
Announcement: RQ Network Introducing Wave 3

Hi everyone, Alexander J Newall here just giving you an update on our latest wave of the RQ Network as eleven new shows have joined us this time with still more shows on the way in the future!   This particular cavalcade of creativity runs the whole gamut with Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Alternate Reality […]

1,316 downloads May 16, 2022
RQG – Goodbye for Now

Hey everyone, Alex here. If you’re listening to this message then that means you have made it through all of the content on this Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast feed! All. The whole kit and caboodle! That means you probably quite like what we do, or you’re just really, really stubborn. Either way, I’m impressed. Good […]

1,168 downloads Apr 27, 2022
RQG – Raging Grannies – Part 3

Join Maddy, Alex, Nico, Cathy and Tessa as they finish their game of Raging Grannies by Alicia Furness. This week Gloucester has a cup of tea, Christine attempts to woo a judge, Bryony tickles a wizard, and Patricia steals baking supplies. Content warnings: Undead & zombies  Imprisonment  Food  Physical violence, injury & threats  Vicarious embarrassment  […]

1,063 downloads Apr 20, 2022
RQG – Raging Grannies – Part 2

Join Maddy, Alex, Nico, Cathy and Tessa as they continue to play Raging Grannies by Alicia Furness and introduce you to the team behind Rusty Quill’s brand new actual play podcast, Chapter and Multiverse. This week Gloucester knows innuendo, Christine defends her bag of mush, Bryony meets some old friends, and Patricia gifts her pies. […]

986 downloads Apr 13, 2022
RQG – Raging Grannies – Part 1

Join Maddy, Alex, Nico, Cathy and Tessa as they play Raging Grannies by Alicia Furness, a game all about fantasy and fighting grandmas. This very special episode is an introduction to the city of Chapter, and the team behind Rusty Quill’s new actual play podcast Chapter and Multiverse! This week we meet Gloucester Worcestershire, Bryony […]

1,105 downloads Apr 06, 2022
Updates, Upcoming Shows, We're Alive: Descendants

Rusty Quill Founder and CEO Alex here! Sharing a few updates on what is coming up with Rusty Quill. We’re Alive: Descendants is the sequel to the enormously popular We’re Alive: a Story of Survival. Rusty Quill are Executive Producers on this series and it is very exciting. It started releasing yesterday and you can […]

961 downloads Apr 06, 2022
RQG Post Campaign Q&A – Part 4

Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they answer MORE of your questions about the campaign and characters of Erasing the Line! Content warnings: Spoilers for all of Rusty Quill Gaming Discussions of: death (inc. character deaths), human remains, physical violence, fire & immolation Mentions of: food, cults, bombs, blood, self-sacrifice, spiders, emetophobia Editing […]

1,047 downloads Mar 30, 2022
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