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The Greatest Hits (Volume 1)

After 4 and a half years at the helm, Patrick Poke is parting ways with The Rules of Investing. Please enjoy some highlights from the most popular episodes of the podcast to date. We also introduce the new host of the show. 

525 downloads Apr 08, 2022
3 ingredients for small cap success

The multi-bagger is the “holy grail” for most small cap investors. Whether you like tech, resources, industrials, or all the above, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of watching your stock go up three, five, or even 10 times. Dean Fergie fr...

362 downloads Mar 25, 2022
The companies that Wall Street legend Jim Chanos is shorting in 2022

It's not easy being one of the world's most-famous short-sellers.  As Jim Chanos knows, it takes thick skin to deal with daily negative backlash, and, of course, markets storming "parabolically" higher over the past few years.  But now the tides are ...

309 downloads Mar 18, 2022
3 Aussie stocks for today’s market

Rising rates, rising volatility, and rising geopolitical tensions. It's tough being an equity investor in today's market.  But Australian investors have generally fared better than most. With a heavy skew towards resources and financials, both of whi...

476 downloads Mar 11, 2022
Why Platinum is short US tech stocks and long China

According to Andrew Clifford, CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Platinum Asset Management, there's one variable that matters more than any other in stock markets. That variable is interest rates. Interest rates can't get much lower than curre...

361 downloads Feb 28, 2022
What war in Ukraine means for investors

Guest: Tim Toohey, Head of Macro and Strategy at Yarra Capital Management. Just a few minutes ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a "special military operation" in Ukraine - an apparent euphemism, for the world watching on, for "invasion"...

411 downloads Feb 24, 2022
The real reason Aussie housing is expensive

Guest: Chris Bedingfield, Quay Global Investors. Australian housing is expensive. Hardly a shocking statement. But if you ask a bunch of investors and economists why it’s expensive, you’re bound to get a wide range of answers. Most of them will refer...

534 downloads Feb 11, 2022
One sector with 50 years of growth ahead

Guest: Owen Hegarty OAM, Executive Chairman, EMR Capital.  There have been few times in history that one could look at an industry or sector and confidently expect decades of growth ahead. But this is the situation that the resources industry, in par...

398 downloads Jan 18, 2022
Season‘s greetings from Livewire Markets

Christmas is already upon us, which means it's time to take a break from your regular Rules of Investing programming. But don't worry, there's plenty of podcast content to keep you informed and entertained of the summer. Listen to this special short ...

316 downloads Dec 16, 2021
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