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Is a golden era for income investors coming?

Fixed income has had a torrid time of it the last year – in fact, by some measures it’s been the worst year on record – with US treasuries losing about a tenth of their value.  Since the beginning of this year, global bonds have recorded their worst ...

237 downloads Jul 22, 2022
How Perpetual’s Vince Pezzullo invests when multiples retreat

Markets are a right mess today, thanks to surging inflation and the fear of what that will do to earnings.   In this environment, you want companies that have the market position, leadership and balance sheets to survive. However, actually finding th...

239 downloads Jul 08, 2022
The best inflation protection you can get

The prophets of doom are blowing their recession horns. Accordingly, investors want to hold assets that can be bulwarks against whatever's driving recession - that being inflation in today's case. And that's what today's edition of The Rules of Inves...

340 downloads Jun 24, 2022
Oscar Oberg’s bear market guide to oversold small caps

Let's face it, it has been hard going in the small caps space - which is down almost 18% this calendar year.  As soon as you get headwinds such as inflation and rate hikes, babies will invariably get thrown out with the bathwater. Good companies with...

378 downloads Jun 10, 2022
Why Allan Gray is still bullish energy and cautious on darlings like CSL

Imagine for a moment that you had a clean sheet of paper from which to build your investment portfolio from the ground up. Would that rebuilt portfolio look the same as what you own today? One could guess that for many people the answer is no, and th...

381 downloads Jun 03, 2022
Simon Shields: These stocks are turning market headwinds into competitive advantage

We're all well aware of the headwinds battering markets today - inflation, supply chain pressures, and rate hikes. Yet it's easy, and misguided, to broad brush the market and expect all stocks to respond in the same way. As you'll learn in this editi...

307 downloads Jun 03, 2022
Ben Griffiths: A bull waiting for these three signs to charge at small caps

Global markets are in a world of hurt. This week the Dow Jones Industrial Average nose-dived 1,100 points - its biggest loss since 2020. For all but those with the greatest of risk appetites, it's time to hunker down and weather the volatility storm....

415 downloads May 20, 2022
Charlie Jamieson: Bond market pricing in ”extraordinary” rate hikes

The RBA lifted the cash rate yesterday by 25 basis points, to 0.35%. And just like that, its war on inflation - which it will wage against aggregate demand - is underway.  The threat of inflation has been written on the wall for some time, though, pr...

504 downloads May 04, 2022
Like the traditional resources sector? Here’s why you’re gonna love renewables

Conventional wisdom holds that 'traditional' natural resource investments are a sure, safe bet. And justifiably so: Land, from which natural resources have been extracted, is one of the classic four factors of production.  They offer diversification ...

337 downloads Apr 29, 2022
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