Roy and HG - Dodging Armageddon
Roy and HG - Dodging Armageddon

Roy and HG - Dodging Armageddon



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Trump – The Manly Fan

Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson cast a collective eye over the world of sport.

85 downloads Oct 28, 2023
Happy Together

Sporting fans around the world and across different sporting genres have butchered songs like "Sweet Caroline" for donkeys. Roy and HG ponded the songs Rugby League should take to Vegas. "Happy Together" by the Turtles, came up as a big favourite.. so far. We've got one chance to get this Vegas thing right people, what song do you think?

83 downloads Oct 21, 2023
Examination of Stoolage

Australian sport is in a bit of a funk at the moment. The Chocolate Wallabies and the men's cricket team are basket cases in their respective World Cups. This gave an opportunity for Roy & HG to swing their focus to other sports, like the sport of gambling. The Everest was on! Nothing like celebrating a defeat while your wallet gets emptied.

82 downloads Oct 14, 2023
Picking a winning dog

Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson cast a collective eye over the world of sport.

106 downloads Oct 07, 2023
2023 Festival of the Boot

The BIG dance weekend is here! For both codes. Roy and HG lose their minds discussing all the stories in the lead up to the whistle. Vegas is still on their radar, Adam Reynolds - Captain/Coach of the year at the Dally M's, the refs - can they be trusted and KISS, the band, not some toilet incident. This is the weekend we've all been waiting for. Enjoy, right thinking Australians!

133 downloads Sep 30, 2023
Burn Sticks

The Old Gold fruit and nut Wallabies are a basket case! They couldn't win a free spin on the pokies. What are they gunna do? Roy & HG have decided to burn a stick for them and have asked you all to burn sticks as well, but only under controlled stick burning regulations. Go somewhere it won't get out of control.

125 downloads Sep 23, 2023
Lowes meet Lowe's in Vegas

Everybody knows Lowes fashion warehouse here in Australia. It's great! Great clothing. Well apparently there's a Lowe's in America. It's business is in home improvements, hammers, nails, racks, spanners, etc. The start of the Rugby league season next year in Vegas, represents a fantastic opportunity for commercial partnerships, Lowes meet Lowe's.

221 downloads Sep 16, 2023
Pig Shooting Round

It was suggested from Greg this week of a "Pig Shooting Round". Roy and HG thought, to help out the Government by combining this with Tanya Plibersek's problem with feral cats. Bring in your pig snouts to prove how many pigs you shot and maybe help out with the cats? It could also be useful for the Americans to get involved in Vegas. OK, over to you, Rugby League!

128 downloads Sep 09, 2023

There's enough madness in Rugby League, let alone Sport. THE MADNESS HAS TO STOP! Everything from smoking dope in the stands at Flushing Meadows, amateur athletes retiring because of cost of living pressures to the mould and disrepair happening at Shark park. Mitch Marsh and the Aussie T20 team made the madness stop, STATE OF MADNESS - SITUATION NORMAL!

154 downloads Sep 02, 2023
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