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A September Investors Hope to Forget – Ep 845

· Market has worst monthly drop since covid began, and worst September since 2008. · Carnival Cruise sinking like the Titanic. · CNBC finally starts criticizing Cathie Wood. · Anyone one who dropped gold for Grayscale has lost tremendously.

6 downloads Oct 02, 2022
Bank of England Pivots First, Fed to Follow – Ep 844

· Bank of England commits to another QE Infinity. · Inflation is here to stay for the British. · Reversals in the dollar and gold may mark key turning points. - Thanks It could save you hundreds a year. -

14 downloads Sep 29, 2022
Fed’s Feigned Inflation Resolve Lifts Dollar and Sinks Stocks – Ep 843

· Huge job losses will lead to imploding earnings and exploding debt service costs. · Gold proving to be an excellent store of value in many currencies. · Fed will pivot to postpone financial crisis - Get an extra 3 months. https://expressvpn.

19 downloads Sep 25, 2022
Powell Still Hopes to Do the Impossible – Ep 842

· Jerome Powell delivers exactly what the market expects. · State governments’ cash will be depleted. · Ethereum traders bought the rumor and sold the fact. · The Fed will always choose inflation over deflation. - Visit https://indeed.

31 downloads Sep 22, 2022
FedEx Proves the Fed Can’t Deliver a Soft Landing – Ep 841

· Big losses following Suckers Rally in Bitcoin and stock market. · The Fed will pivot when the economy starts to buckle. · Atlanta Fed lowers their estimates for Q3 GDP. · Silver may be showing a silver lining in gold’s cloud.

54 downloads Sep 17, 2022
Inflation Data Sparks Biggest Market Crash Since Covid Lockdowns – Ep 840

· Stock market has its biggest crash since 2020 covid lockdowns. · Food prices see biggest year over year increase since 1979. · Bitcoin gets smoked. · Fed needs to make some hard political decisions if it wants to stop inflation.

48 downloads Sep 14, 2022
ECB’s Inflation Fight May Knock Out the Dollar – Ep 839

· ECB hikes rates as Europe’s inflation outpaces the U.S. · Powell admits we’re on an unsustainable fiscal path. · The Fed is not a friend of the public. It’s the enemy. · U.K. government will make their energy crisis worse.

88 downloads Sep 11, 2022
Any News Is Bad News for Stocks – Ep 838

· Inflation’s day of reckoning can’t be postponed much longer. · Markets show risk of a Black Tuesday. · More Bitcoin sellers above $20k than buyers below it. · Gold bucking the downtrend in stocks. · Higher unemployment data surprises markets.

80 downloads Sep 04, 2022
Fed Can’t Solve an Inflation Problem It Doesn’t Understand – Ep 837

· Consumers have misplaced confidence. · Job hirings shrink as job openings grow. · Jeremy Siegel, Becky Quick, and Joe Biden compete for most ridiculous inflation comment. · Los Angeles liberals’ virtue signaling reaches new level of idiocy.

70 downloads Aug 31, 2022
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