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Comedian Billy Eichner, Frankie Lasagna, NFL Week 4 Picks & Preview + Fyre Fest of The Week

We start with a TNF recap and the brutal Tua Injury (00:02:05-00:15:25). Aaron Judge hits 61 (00:15:25-00:19:20). We do weekend picks and preview plus settle on a punishment and it gets contentious (00:19:20-01:03:56). Frankie Lasagna the real life person who almost caught 61 tells us what it’s like to be Frankie Lasagna (01:03:56-01:14:53). Comedian Billy […]

8 downloads Sep 30, 2022
Derek Jeter, Daniel Jones Internal Clock, 1 Question With Gardner Minshew And Guys On Chicks

The Cowboys beat the Giants and Daniel Jones has the funniest internal clock of all time (00:02:10-00:19:41). Aaron Judge stalled at 60 and College Football Talk (00:19:41-00:34:37). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (00:34:37-00:58:11). Derek Jeter joins the show to talk about his career, negotiations with Marlins Man, the time the Post called him Derek Eater, being a […]

9 downloads Sep 28, 2022
NFL Week 3, Fastest 2 Minutes, The Dolphins Are For Real And The Jaguars Have Arrived

NFL Week 3, we start with fastest 2 minutes from Sunday. Then we recap every game. (00:02:23-00:08:57) Broncos 11, 49ers 10 (00:08:57- 00:17:16) Dolphins 21, Bills 19 (00:17:16-00:32:31) Colts 20, Chiefs 17 (00:32:31-00:41:36) Ravens 37, Patriots 26 (00:41:36-00:54:41) Eagles 24, Commanders 8 (00:54:41 -01:04:19) Vikings 28, Lions 24 (01:04:19-01:10:22) Bears 23, Texans 20 (01:10:22-01:16:33) Titans […]

10 downloads Sep 26, 2022
Texans Coach Lovie Smith, Morten Andersen, NFL Week 3 Picks And Preview

Browns beat the Steelers in an ugly one on Amazon (00:03:13-00:18:30). NFL Week 3 picks and preview plus Fantasy Russel Wilson’s (00:18:45-01:18:47). Texans Coach Lovie Smith joins the show to talk about his team, Davis Mills, his time with the Bears and being on the greatest high school team of all time (01:18:47-01:40:20). Morten Andersen […]

30 downloads Sep 23, 2022
Max Homa, Eagles/Bills Super Bowl, 1 Question With Josh Allen And FAQ’s

The Eagles and Bills looked dominant on Monday Night Football. Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins and the Titans might be in trouble (00:02:02-00:24:34). We talk a little College Football (00:24:34-00:37:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a major Chess controversy and Bryson DeChambeu gets assaulted by a rope (00:37:25-00:56:14). Our good friend Max Homa joins us fresh […]

35 downloads Sep 21, 2022
NFL Week 2, Fastest 2 Minutes, TuAnon, The Cardinals Have Life Plus The Waterdogs Won A Championship

We start with the Fastest 2 minutes. Bears get crushed by the Packers as always and the game finishes as we start the show. (00:02:17-00:08:29) We then recap every game from Sunday (00:08:29-00:16:21) Dolphins 42, Ravens 38 (00:16:21-00:27:44) Jets 31, Browns 30 (00:27:44- 00:41:01) Patriots 17, Steelers 14 (00:41:01-00:50:41) Lions 36, Commanders 27 (00:50:41-01:00:11) Bucs […]

28 downloads Sep 19, 2022
Danny & Lucy Devito, Chargers/Chiefs TNF, Weekend Preview & Picks + Fyre Fest Of The Week

Thursday Night Football was awesome and Amazon now owns our lives . Justin Herbert broke all his ribs and came back for the cover and the Chargers remain the Chargers (00:02:10-00:30:21). Weekend preview and picks where we talk about every game on Sunday (00:30:21-01:08:27). Fantasy Lads makes their return for Queen Lizzy (01:08:27-01:15:14). Danny and […]

46 downloads Sep 16, 2022
Ryan Fitzpatrick In Studio, Russell Wilson Returns To Seattle + A New Segment 1 Question With A QB

Russell Wilson goes back to Seattle to boos and we talk about MNF and Nathaniel Hackett panicking down the stretch (00:02:11-00:18:59). Geno Smith got written off but maybe for good reason (00:18:59-00:23:54). Cleaning up stories from Sunday (00:23:54-00:33:22). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Robert Saleh taking receipts on Jets haters (00:33:22-00:53:15). Ryan Fitzpatrick joins us in […]

52 downloads Sep 14, 2022
NFL Week 1, Fastest 2 Minutes, Recapping Every Game From Sunday, Mahomes Is Still Incredible And The Packers Are Dead

Fastest 2 minutes is back. (00:02:27-00:08:08) We then recap every game from A Wild Sunday Bucs/Cowboys (00:08:40-00:21:56) Patriots/Dolphins (00:21:56-00:35:28) Steelers/Bengals (00:35:28-00:43:19) Commanders/Jaguars (00:43:19-00:55:52) Eagles/Lions (00:55:52-01:05:27) Bears/Niners (01:05:27-01:12:04) Saints/Falcons (01:12:04-01:20:56) Ravens/Jets (01:20:56-01:31:19) Browns/Panthers (01:31:19-01:40:05) Colts/Texans (01:40:05-01:43:12) Giants/Titans (01:43:12-01:49:08) Chiefs/Cardinals (01:49:08-01:55:08) Raiders/Chargers (01:55:08-02:01:13) Packers/Vikings (02:01:13-02:08:12) We finish with Football guy of the week and Who’s back of […]

46 downloads Sep 12, 2022
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