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Booger McFarland, The Lions Are For Real, Week 4 Picks & Preview Plus Fyre Fest

The Detroit Lions walked into Lambeau and handled the Packers. We talk Thursday Night Football and Damian Lillard to the Bucks (00:00:00-00:20:49). Week 4 Picks and Preview for every game on Sunday including our first London game of the year and some horrendous 0-4 matchups (00:20:49-01:34:20). Fantasy Fuccbois (01:34:20-01:38:24). Booger McFarland joins the show to […]

2 downloads Sep 29, 2023
CFB With Andy Staples, 1 Question With A Fullback Texans Andrew Beck, Lighthouse Presentation And More

We start with a quick recap of the MNF doubleheader, should the tush push be banned and is Joe Burrow back? Sort of (00:00:00-00:13:45). We then hear Hank’s lighthouse presentation filled with facts and anecdotes and fake CGI pictures (00:13:45-00:39:55). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Tyreek Hill doing porn, is Aaron Rodgers thinking about Big Cat […]

14 downloads Sep 27, 2023
NFL Week 3, Fastest 2 Minutes, Dolphins Drop 70, The Bears Are The Worst Team In The NFL & A Special Monday Reading

NFL Week 3, we start with Fastest 2 Minutes and then get into every game from Sunday (00:00:00-00:12:07) Chargers 28, Vikings 24 (00:12:07-00:21:51) Dolphins 70, Broncos 20 (00:21:51-00:33:19) Packers 18, Saints 17 (00:33:19-00:39:56) Bills 37, Commanders 3 (00:39:56-00:48:30) Colts 22, Ravens 19 (00:48:30-00:55:34) Patriots 15, Jets 10 (00:55:34-01:08:55) Texans 37, Jaguars 17 (01:08:55-01:17:47) Lions 20, […]

16 downloads Sep 25, 2023
Brooks Koepka, NFL Week 3 Picks And Previews + The Niners Are A Wagon

The Niners wasted the Giants and look like the best team in football (00:00:00-00:09:35). NFL Week 3 picks and preview including a question about Julio Jones, the Bears terrible Wednesday, Hank needing a win bad, and a loser leaves town game between the Chargers and Vikings (00:09:35-01:16:44). Fantasy Lad boys (01:16:44-01:24:31). Brooks Koepka joins the […]

27 downloads Sep 22, 2023
Raiders QB Brian Hoyer, CFB, MNF Doubleheader, 1 Question With Sam Howell And Jimbo’s

Monday Night Football doubleheader and it’s gotten bad in Cleveland for Deshaun plus the horrible injury to Nick Chubb. Steelers offense stinks and the Panthers/Saints played a boring ass game (00:00:00-00:22:34). College Football talk and is Bama cooked (00:22:34-00:40:21)? Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the new Rays stadium and Lauren Boebert follow up (00:40:21-00:57:34). Brian Hoyer […]

58 downloads Sep 20, 2023
NFL Week 2, Fastest 2 Minutes, Justin Fields Is Not The Guy, Commanders 2-0, Cowboys Rolling And Hank Watches The End Of The Patriots Game

NFL Week 2, we start with Fastest 2 minutes. (00:00:00-00:09:11) We then break down every game from Sunday while Hank watches the end of the Patriots game live on the show Ravens 27, Bengals 24 (00:09:11-00:20:14) Chiefs 17, Jaguars 9 (00:20:14-00:26:25) Seahawks 37, Lions 31 (00:26:25-00:37:21) Bills 38, Raiders 10 (00:37:21-00:43:29) Titans 27, Chargers 24 […]

33 downloads Sep 18, 2023
Joakim Noah, NFL Week 2 Picks And Preview, Eagles Run It Down Vikings Throat + Fyre Fest Of The Year

The Eagles ran it down the Vikings throat and Kirk didn’t play that bad. Big Cat has chosen his 2023 pinky team. Max needs to go to a doctor but he is a fortune teller (00:00:00-00:14:52). Week 2 picks and preview for every game including Tua’s middle name, Ryan Tannehill wanting to move on from […]

29 downloads Sep 15, 2023
NFL Network's Steve Smith Sr., Billy Football, Rodgers Tears His Achilles + College Football Talk

Aaron Rodgers season is over. We talk about the wild Monday Night Football game and how the Jets have somehow found a way to be more Jets. Josh Allen played bad and announcers need to stop saying asterisks on wins (00:00:00-00:19:06). College Football recap, Texas is back, the PAC 12 is finally really good, Mel […]

30 downloads Sep 13, 2023
NFL Week 1, Fastest 2 Minutes, The Bears Will Always Lose To The Packers, Max Finally Beats Hank And The Cowboys Rolls

We’re back with the Fastest 2 minutes for NFL week 1. We then break down every game from Sunday (00:00:00-00:09:46) Commanders 20, Cardinals 16 (00:09:46-00:18:14) Browns 24, Bengals 3 (00:18:14-00:24:30) 49ers 30, Steelers 7 (00:24:30-00:31:07) Bucs 20, Vikings 17 (00:31:07-00:42:35) Jaguars 31, Colts 21 (00:42:35-00:50:19) Saints 16, Titans 15 (00:50:19-00:54:21) Falcons 24, Panthers 10 (00:54:21-01:01:31) […]

36 downloads Sep 11, 2023
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