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Building a better future – Nestle’s CEO on leading the world’s largest food and beverage business towards a healthier world.

In 2017, Mark Schneider left a leading role in healthcare to become CEO of Nestle, the world’s largest food company with over 150 year old history in providing nutritional products to markets around the globe. Mark was Nestle’s first “outsider” CEO i...

438 downloads Jun 29, 2021
Steering financial markets through a crisis – a first-hand account

In 2006, after a stellar career as a financier and economist in the US, Kevin Warsh was elevated to the highest level of banking globally when he was appointed to the US Federal Reserve Board. Within two years, the world was plunged into a global fin...

470 downloads May 25, 2021
Reimagining medicine: Novartis' breakthrough therapies

With a market cap of over $200bn, Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and a leader in developing trusted innovative therapies to improve and prolong people’s lives. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Vas Narasimhan...

516 downloads Apr 26, 2021
On the Hunt for Super-Compounding Stocks

Since inception in 2006 to a now  A$100 Billion asset management firm, Magellan Asset Management is recognised as a star performer in global investment markets. In this in-depth interview, taken from Morningstar’s recent “The Long View” podcast, Mage...

423 downloads Mar 29, 2021
Special bonus episode: The year of living dangerously

Welcome to this special bonus episode of ‘Magellan in the Know’.  Frank Casarotti, GM of Distribution at Magellan recently interviewed Hamish Douglass, Chairman and CIO, for a live investor webinar called ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’.  In this bo...

405 downloads Mar 29, 2021
Bought for a dollar – How ICE, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, became a $65 billion exchange business

The Intercontinental Exchange (or ICE) is one of the world’s largest exchange businesses – it owns the NYSE and dominates global energy exchanges.  ICE operates in over 70 countries, and has a market capitalisation of U$65 Billion.  Its remarkable gr...

366 downloads Feb 23, 2021
The rise and challenges of China – former CIA China analyst shares his views

China’s continued rise as a global economic powerhouse has met with increasing caution and push-back from the Western world, not least from the United States during four turbulent years under President Trump. Now a very different administration has t...

452 downloads Jan 28, 2021
Winds of change: Vaccine relief, a new US government and the acceleration of e-commerce

With the roll-out of vaccines to combat COVID-19, a new president in the White House come January, and a surge in online activity through 2020 shining a light on the giant global internet companies, Magellan rounds out the year with a focus on two ke...

438 downloads Dec 28, 2020
Votes, vaccines, and a re-emerging  world for investors

As a new and very different president-elect prepares to enter the White House, and as vaccine hopefuls  emerge to suppress the devastating impact of COVID-19, what are the biggest risks and opportunities for investors in 2021 and beyond? Magellan’s C...

413 downloads Nov 23, 2020
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