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Powering up — The vaulting potential of WEC Energy Group

One of the USA’s largest power generation and gas distribution firms, WEC Energy Group supplies electricity to 4.6 million customers — including some of the country’s biggest manufacturers — across Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. The company...

25 downloads Sep 27, 2022
Spirit of success — Diageo’s compounding value and growing market share

A recent addition to the Magellan Global Strategy, Diageo is now the world’s leading producer of distilled spirits, with top shelf brands like Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and many more. Despite the pandemic, the company’s global revenue has compounded at ove...

114 downloads Aug 29, 2022
A Pivotal Moment that could decide how this century plays out

The future of the 21st Century could be decided in the coming months. That’s the view of Secretary Leon Panetta former US Secretary of Defence.  Secretary Panetta speaks to Magellan’s Head of Macro and co-Portfolio Manager of the Global Equity Strategy, ...

136 downloads Jul 26, 2022
Payments “Revolution” — Visa drives a surge in digital transactions

The world’s largest payment network, which facilitates more than 6000 transactions every second, is in the front seat of the digital payments’ revolution . VISA has enjoyed a doubling of its volumes in many regions over the past three years, thanks to th...

205 downloads Jun 27, 2022
The road to a sound investment — Transurban’s strategy for success

Infrastructure investment is a long-term activity, so it pays to identify areas of potential and start talking to governments early. That’s the methodology employed by Scott Charlton, who is the CEO of the world’s biggest toll-road operator — Transurban....

264 downloads May 31, 2022
In Conversation with John Sevior, a veteran Australian equities investor, on his long-term approach to markets over the last 30+ years.

Identifying underappreciated quality businesses, as well as keeping an eagle eye out for diamonds in the rough, underlines the approach of one of the industry’s leading Australian Equities players: Airlie Funds Management, a business that Magellan purcha...

206 downloads Apr 26, 2022
War in Europe

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent geopolitical and economic shockwaves around the globe, creating new risks to the investment outlook. A combination of strong western government and corporate responses has drastic implications for commodities, food s...

203 downloads Mar 28, 2022
Has the party run out of punch? A panel discussion with senior members of Magellan’s investment team

Markets have softened after the recent rally, with investors apparently factoring in inflation and interest rate hikes during 2022. Will Magellan’s key investments stand to strengthen from such an environment? In this episode, key members of Magellan’s i...

259 downloads Feb 22, 2022
Prudence in Volatile Times — A panel discussion with senior members of Magellan’s investment team

Looking back at the extraordinary year of 2021, and towards the year ahead, three senior members of the Magellan investment team explain their approach to managing key sectors and stocks in Magellan’s global portfolio. In this special edition, Magellan’s...

338 downloads Jan 24, 2022
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