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Chipping away at the semiconductor market

It’s a fascinating time in the semiconductor chip market. Thanks to the proliferation of devices, and even cars, that are heavily dependent on chip availability, and geopolitical trends that may impact supply, chips are under a global spotlight. In t...

28 downloads Feb 26, 2024
Green Horizons: Discover the innovative sustainability strategies of Nestlé and Lowe's

Sound environmental, social, and governance principles (ESG) — are crucial for ongoing sustainability and risk management, as well as the growing need to meet community and environmental expectations. In this episode of Magellan in the Know, we reloo...

111 downloads Jan 29, 2024
Insights from the US: An update on the Impacts of GLP-1 on healthcare systems.

In this special 15 minute episode of Magellan In The Know, Portfolio Manager Nikki Thomas is joined by Investment Analyst Wilson Nghe, providing an update on GLP-1 following our recent episode on the weight loss wonder drug. Recently returned from th...

148 downloads Dec 19, 2023
Pipelines to prosperity: the dependability of infrastructure investment

In this episode of Magellan In The Know, we revisit highlights of two of the most impressive and important of our infrastructure investments: American Water Works, the largest publicly traded US water and waste water utility company, and North Americ...

102 downloads Dec 18, 2023
The weight loss drug shaping-up as a gamechanger

The world is awash with news that a drug designed to treat type 2 diabetes has also been approved to help achieve weight loss. Glucagon-like peptide 1 — or GLP-1 — is considered by some as a wonder drug and a new weapon in the public health battle ag...

118 downloads Nov 27, 2023
How should investors think about Israel and decision making?

How should investors think about recent events in Israel, and what impact does this have on Ukraine and Taiwan? In this fascinating episode of Magellan In The Know, former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Michael Morell talks about...

203 downloads Oct 31, 2023
Energising the Future: Sempra’s Innovative Infrastructure Journey

A country boy who studied at West Point to become a US Army helicopter pilot, Sempra chairman and CEO Jeff Martin now commands a Fortune 500 company with US$79 billion of energy infrastructure assets. By developing a hyper-aligned, high-performing cu...

157 downloads Sep 27, 2023
Cultivating change – Nestlé’s leading approach on sustainability and creating shared value

It’s one of Magellan’s oldest and most dependable investments, and the extraordinarily diverse Nestlé company, with its enormous stakeholder base, has risen to the challenge of the new sustainability regime. In this episode, Magellan’s Portfolio Mana...

302 downloads Aug 29, 2023
Behind the screens: The evolution of streaming services and the investment case for Netflix

It may be a disruptive success, but the on-demand video streaming sector has had its own challenges recently. In this episode, Magellan’s Portfolio Manager Arvid Streimann and Magellan Sector Head of Finance and Technology Ryan Joyce go behind the sc...

311 downloads Jul 25, 2023
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