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Sunday Special: Behind the Border Battle

In this can’t miss Sunday Special of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by the director of Battle Border – Marcus Wada, and two stars of the series: Bryce Eddy and Steve Slepcevic. From night operations tracking down the cartels to rescuing human trafficking victims, this team of specialists discuss their experiences fighting the […]

138 downloads Nov 06, 2022
EPISODE 307: Pfizer Leads Ad Cartel in Twitter Boycott Due to Elon Takeover

Lauren Chen joins Jack Posobiec for today’s exciting episode of Human Events Daily. The Muskoning has arrived, as Elon Musk conducts mass layoffs at Twitter – the same people who rooted for the firing of the unvaccinated. Meanwhile, major activist companies are pulling their ads from Twitter in attempts to ‘undermine freedom of speech’ and […]

33 downloads Nov 04, 2022
EPISODE 306: Brazil on Brink of Civil War as Elon Fights for Free Speech in America

Jack Posobiec is joined by Libby Emmons in an engaging analysis of current events. Will there be a civil war in the tropics as Brazil continues to protest a corrupt leader? Why are the elite liberals upset with Elon’s proposed $8 subscription plan for a blue check on Twitter? And how come over 1,000 young […]

40 downloads Nov 03, 2022
EPISODE 305: Elon Musk Meets the Disinformation Archipelago

Jack Posobiec is joined by Darren Beattie of Revolver News to provide updates on all things censorship, from the DHS to Twitter. Beattie exposes DiResta’s Dark Alabama Secret and how she ginned up her career utilizing fake Russian accounts. Next, Poso questions why the FBI is withholding critical footage of the January 6th pipe bomber […]

46 downloads Nov 02, 2022
EPISODE 304 – DHS Leaks: Feds Ran ‘Cognitive Infrastructure’ Operations

On today’s episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by Libby Emmons, the Editor-in-Chief of the Post Millennial, in a riveting discussion of the Department of Homeland Security’s operation to control cognitive infrastructure – aka, you. Meanwhile, SCOTUS is meeting to review the constitutionality of affirmative action, a government program that demands racism […]

55 downloads Nov 01, 2022
EPISODE 303: DHS Leaks BOMBSHELL Rocks 2022, We have the receipts

Today on Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by Joel Berry, the Managing Editor of the Babylon Bee in a conversational yet educational discussion about censorship and disinformation. They discuss the BOMBSHELL DHS leak exposing Big Tech collaboration with Big Gov. Plus, Poso provides the latest updates and insights on Elon Musk’s recent purchase […]

40 downloads Oct 31, 2022
Sunday Special: The True Story of Halloween, The Occult, and The Apocalypse with Dr. Taylor Marshall

On this Sunday Special of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by Dr. Taylor Marshall, an author and Catholic commentator to discuss the true origins of Halloween. Is it a Pagan holiday, Christian, Satanic? They also discuss the atheist take on Halloween and how the origins get completely dissected through the horrible lens of […]

45 downloads Oct 30, 2022
EPISODE 301: The Muskening Begins as Elon Fires Top Twitter Chiefs, w/ MAGA Hulk

In today’s episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by MAGA Hulk and they are celebrating over the official takeover of Twitter. And Elon is already yielding results, as top executives have already been fired! Additionally, MAGA Hulk speaks on the recent violence that broke out at UC Davis before his Turning Point […]

169 downloads Oct 28, 2022
EPISODE 300: Elon Musk’s Private Speech at Twitter Headquarters w/Libby Emmons

In this episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec is joined by Libby Emmons once again! They dialogue deep into the Twitter employee backlash — are they just entitled adult-children upset that Elon might force them to do actual work instead of enjoying their “office” daycares all day? Then, Jack and Libby share their wishes […]

35 downloads Oct 27, 2022
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