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Worth Oil – Dexter Dunworth takes another risky leap into the unknown!

After building a sustainable & successful industrial oil waste recycling business servicing Australia’s east coast, entrepreneur Dexter Dunworth craved other challenges… and what he chose came with considerable risks! The professional boxing ring! And as it turned out, not just for the exercise or discipline, but he wanted to actually fight far younger boxers on […]

349 downloads Jul 24, 2022
Worth Oil – How Dexter Dunworth co-built a recycled oil empire from just 1 truck

From a standing start back in the late-1970s, young uni-dropout Dexter Dunworth, along with his older brother David, started out with 1 truck collecting used industrial oils from car and truck service centres around Sydney, cold-calling potential customers promising to get rid of their smelly oil waste. It was oil recycling long before recycling became […]

337 downloads Jul 11, 2022
Serial entrepreneur Wendy McCarthy – builds campaigns on social issues & moves mountains

With reproductive rights in the US now so uncertain, serial entrepreneur and campaign builder Wendy McCarthy knows exactly how to try to protect those rights in Australia; why she believes in bringing other women into the tent to succeed; and why she thrives on change. Pt2/2 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

328 downloads Jul 03, 2022
Activist business leader Wendy McCarthy: builds campaigns & loves to fight to be heard!

One-time teacher turned women’s advocate & activist Wendy McCarthy loves to shake cages, but then painstakingly build consensus around an idea that needs action. Over 5 decades she’s founded her own mentoring business & built from scratch organisations, movements, even political campaigns that focus on bettering the world for women and their families. She’s what […]

453 downloads Jun 19, 2022
Part 2, Chef Matt Moran: how pandemic, then floods shook Matt Moran to the core, but how he & his teams fight back; what’s next in post-Covid dining; & a winning chook recipe!

The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic completely whacked for 6 so many in the food and restaurant industry. Matt Moran’s successful fine dining restaurant empire was no exception. In Part 2 of our chat, Matt talks about the terrifying first few days and weeks when Covid hit, in March 2020, when their revenue just stopped. […]

437 downloads Jun 05, 2022
Chef Matt Moran: How celebrity restaurateur Matt Moran went from wide-eyed teen apprentice to building an empire encompassing 12 top-drawer restaurants, several cookbooks & TV shows, & now takes on a whole new challenge in country NSW.

Uber-celebrity chef and restaurateur Matt Moran takes us into the heart of his food, farming and produce world. After falling instantly in love with cooking, namely French cooking, as a wide-eyed, teen apprentice back in the 80s, he talks of how he then built a restaurant, cookbook and consultancy empire, with the help and support […]

428 downloads May 23, 2022
Part 2, BetaShares ETFs: How Millennials & Gen Z’ers are changing the game in Exchange Traded Funds; how innovation in wealth management is key; & what are the emerging investing trends

While Covid panicked share markets in early 2020, BetaShares ETFs co-founder Alex Vynokur says a curious thing happened: it was markedly less so in ETF investing. In fact he had managed to grow to $10 billion in Funds under Management (FUM) within BetaShares’ first decade, but somewhere in these past 2, pandemic-dominated years their FUM […]

538 downloads May 15, 2022
BetaShares Exchange Traded Funds: How Alex Vynokur is building an index funds management empire disrupting wealth management status quo, with Millennials and Gen Z’ers jumping onboard.

When Alex Vynokur emigrated to Australia from Ukraine as a 16 year old, he was struck by the choice and opportunity offered by his new home, compared with the deprivations growing up in Soviet Ukraine. Even though the teen spoke no English when he arrived here he set about taking full advantage of what was […]

431 downloads May 03, 2022
Part 2, Ultra Violette: why selling online saved Bec Jefferd & Ava Chandler-Matthews’ bacon; but how selling on beauty retailer Sephora’s shelves will take the hip Aussie sunscreen to 17 new global markets

The hip, all Australian-made Ultra Violette sunscreen had only been going a short while when the Covid pandemic struck. After initial panic and quickly testing disaster scenarios, Bec and Ava realised they needed to junk them, and step back on the accelerator! Fast-growing online sales in skin and suncare showed these founders they would flourish […]

583 downloads Apr 10, 2022
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